HTTP -> HTTPS auto-forwarding

From: How to connect to MineOS panel from another PC

Is it possible to configure automatic redirect to https when someone enters an http url to access the WebUI? This would remove one of the things people ask about (AKA: “cannot connect to WebUI”).

I’ve done this on Apache, but do not know how to do so in te webservice MineOS use.

This is not possible in the current design. The webserver–nodejs + expressjs-- checks /etc/mineos.conf to decide HTTP or HTTPS. Subsequently, MineOS listens only on 8443 or 8080… and not 80.

In order for accidentally missing the S in HTTPS to forward, then, would still require users to enter in :8080, which they will not likely be doing, since that’s not documented anywhere to do so.

Many ISPs also still block residential customer’s port 80, which means even if I did modify it to listen on 8443 and 80, they could run into other connectivity issues at the ISP level, confounding the problem.

TL;DR: HTTP can’t forward to HTTPS unless they MineOS is also listening to the port the browser would imply: 80 (but this is unlikely to work in majority of cases)

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