How do you setup Votifier/NuVotifier

IDK how to setup spigot via MineOS its getting very annoying and i really want to keep using MineOS pls send me a video or smthn on howto set it up VIA MineOS idc if its Votifier or Nu but i am using 1.8.8 Spigot so HELP ME PLEASE.

There’s no such thing as as setting up Votifier/NuVotifier with MineOS. Or at least it would be no different than Debian or Ubuntu, but typically you won’t see plugin setup tied to the OS because they don’t really interfere with eachother at all.

The most that could happen is that MineOS comes shipped with firewall rules, which many distros might ship with NO RULES. In which case, you can turn off MineOS’ firewall (or more accurately, make it so the firewall does not reject traffic), and then any other tutorial you see on the internet should likely become relevant again.

I’ve never worked with Votifier, but I insist on making this clear: MineOS is like Ubuntu (with the MineOS webui) or Debian (with the MineOS webui)–it is simply the OS. MineOS does not have any special system for installing Spigot plugins.

Nothing about the branded OS is making votifier more difficult to set up, but if you think you’d be more successful with setting it up on Ubuntu, you can definitely do so–and still use the MineOS webui.

This is now your third post asking for help on votifier, and I’m sorry that you’re struggling to get it up and working, but understand we’re not experts in every part of Minecraft, so that would explain the little attention each post is getting.

That and until this point, we have no clear information of what you have tried and where you’ve actually run into issues. We have no idea if you’re having a firewall issue or if you’re having a plugin issue or if you’re having a …whatever. We don’t know if you’ve downloaded the plugin and successfully moved it to the server’s directory, we don’t know if you downloaded the necessary profile for spigot and that spigot actually runs. We really don’t know anything about where you’re at–and that definitely factors in to how little attention this question is getting.

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Can you give me a walk through with setting up the fire wall I’m not that skilled in tech yet i would really appreciate it thx for the help so far though. As in what commands and where to put them in such or link me to a video as i am still struggling on finding stuff online.

All you need is here:

I suggest you turn the firewall off (again, see the link I shared already). Getting a proper firewall is a task on its own, but do not let the firewall get in the way of you figuring out votifier.

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iMelsom i got the link the first time i just dont get how to put those in and where to or what each does (i understand that it somewhat tells you) but i still cant figure it out thats why i asked for a video Sorry im giving so much trouble on this subject thank you for helping

Also hexparrot i dont get what you mean by dont let the firewall get in the way of me figuring out votifier i thought you needed to do something with the firewall for it to work yet again im very sorry im having so much trouble setting this up but its kinda hard for me to figure out thank you for the help

[19:48:21] [Server thread/INFO]: [Votifier] Method none selected for vote forwarding: Votes will not be received from a forwarder.
[19:48:21] [Server thread/INFO]: [GAListener] Enabling GAListener v1.3.2
[19:48:21] [nioEventLoopGroup-2-1/INFO]: [Votifier] Votifier enabled on socket /0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:25565.
these are my logs if needed

A youtubevid to learn how to open a text based tools with text based input, and insert things that have to be written? I do not, and never will or want to, understand why some of you insist on this. watching loads of vid of people talking before pressing pause tocopy a text string letter by letter from a vidframe? It anoys me. I want to read it, then copy-paste the entire string directly. Less work, and quicker.

Look. You have installed MineOS, a system that runs on top of a linux type operating system. You will have to learn basic linux skills sooner rather than later if you insist on trying to install a minecraft server with advanced addons.

Take a look at this thread: Basic skills and interests you'll need to be a MineOS admin. All of those links are things you need to learn.

“where to put it”. Whenever we, or the wiki, ask you to write something somewhere, it is in a terminal window directly on the MineOS server. You need to use putty do do that. Thelog window in MineOS is only a peak into your Minecraft server. if you need a vid to show you how to use putty:

Youtube vids really stop beeing useful after connecting, since everything from there on is text based, so you’ll just be watchin people type things.