How do you login with a new user? (Solved)

Firstly, I’d like to apologize if this is in the wrong area.

So my issue was originally that the server closes after 1-2 seconds of being up on the mineos. When I was looking for a way to fix the issue, I saw a post that said “You should never use root to host a server.” (MineOS Server won't stay "Up" for more than a few seconds, if at all). I was wondering how to make a new “username” for logging into the webui. Thanks!

MineOS uses any Linux user on the system.

root is a user on the system, but running public facing services (like minecraft servers) shouldn’t be done as root.

So if you already have any user on your system, use that username and password.

Thanks for replying! I’m sorry though because I already figured that out after looking for a while. I have a new question though, that I am wondering if you know how to solve. When I open the MineOS server, It closes after a couple of seconds. Also, I have WinSCP and I have logged into the directory for the /var/games/minecraft to see the logs, but I can’t remove/add/edit any of the files in that directory! If you have any answers to the questions above, please reply back.

Which account did you use to log in? When editing, was the command evoked with sudo? Does that account have sudo rights?

Well I was using the “root” username, but now I use the “mc.”

If you run an ls -a command for the above directory, which account shows as the owner?

How would I run a command in the directory, and also which directory?

You’ll need to either use a terminal app that offer SSH (like PuTTY) or work off the direct machine/VM.

Then type the following:
ls -a /var/games/minecraft