Hosting a pre-made Forge server, mods not working

Hi all,

I received a pre-made 1.7.10 Forge server that utilizes a bunch of mods. Users are saying that not all of the mods work, such as things clipping into each other and specific mods not loading at all.

I simply received the files (which included the Forge and vanilla Minecraft jars), zipped them, and put them into my import folder. I can create the server and it runs, but the mods do not. As well, whenever I try to import a different version of the server (with changes to the mods utilized), I will select a profile, and when I choose a runnable jar, it will go away and all runnable jars will be empty.

Should I be creating this server with Spigot/Craftbukkit? Or is there some way of creating a 1.7.10 Forge server pre-configured somewhere other than MineOS? (Or alternatively, would it better to just start fresh with Forge within MineOS?)

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated; if you need more info (logs, etc.), please let me know as I’m not sure what else is needed!

When I wanted to move my server to MineOS, I found it easier to make sure I have the latest forge downloaded for the server I want to run (in your case 1.7.10) and creating a new server.

Then I would FTP into it and move the mods and configs only.

When that finishes, choose forge 1.7.10 installer then choose the universal.

Hey @ovingiv thanks for the reply! What specific files would you be moving? There are numerous folders related to the mods that aren’t accounted for in a new Forge server, so I’m not sure what stuff to overwrite. Sorry for the noob question!

If the modpack only adds mods and not an entire world to specifically play on then the only things you would need to copy over is the mods folder and the config folder. Everything else is taken care of on the web page.

If you would like, I can make a screenshot tutorial.

It’s not only a bunch of mods, but transferring a world as well. If you could create a tutorial to show off how you do it, it would mean a lot!

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Step 1) go to the MineOS Web Interface is and login with the mc account.

Step 2) click on profiles, choose forge from the dropdown menu. Then download 1.7.10-latest.

Step 3) When that finishes downloading, click on Create New Server on the left. Give the server a name, choose the difficulty and gamemode then click the blue button.

Step 4) Select the server you just created from the drop down menu at the top if it’s not already selected, on the left click on Server Status. From there, click on where you see the green and red buttons from that drop down menu choose the 1.7.10-latest. Then on the right side under java settings, choose from the drop down forge-1.7.10- Also at that time set your Xmx and Xms settings. I personally use 5120 for Xmx and 1024 for Xms. My 1.7.10 pack only has 130ish mods but I host 4 people at once for that pack so the extra ram for when people explore I find that there’s less lag in general.

Step 5) Click on Accept EULA then click on Accept EULA again then wait 10 seconds then click on run.

Step 6) If done correctly, a little popup should of came up saying 1.7.10 stopped. From there, on the right side under Java settings choose forge-1.7.10- The server should then start without an issue as it is.

Now here is where using FileZilla comes in.

Step 7) Still in the WebUI, stop the server. Press the red button and wait for the little message in the top right to come up staying 1.7.10 Down.

Step 8) open FileZilla if you have it. If not, FileZilla 3.43 64Bit.exe.
Once installed and opened, at the top of the window you should see 4 text boxes Host, username, password and port. Host is the ip address of where your server is on your network. For example on my network the server has an ip of So that’s what I would enter under host. For username it should be mc and the password is what you set it to be. For port you might need to use 22 as by default its 21 but you might get an error so enter 22 under port then push enter.

Step 9) When you have logged in, on the right side window click on the “/” at the top. That is called root for linux users. From there go to /var/games/minecraft/servers/“name of server”.

Step 10) On the left window, go to where you have your modpack saved. If it’s in a rar or zip, extract it to your desktop in a folder so you don’t have 10+ files on your desktop. You may need to refresh the left window. To do that, right click on an open area and click on refresh. Then it’s as easy as drag and drop from the left window to the right window. Then from there just wait. You said that there’s a world in that mod pack, so you would also copy that folder too and the file. It should ask you if you want to overwrite the file, click on ok.

Step 11) When that all finishes, you may get a couple of errors but it’s just trying to make a folder that’s empty so you can just ignore it. From there you can go back to the WebUI.

Step 12) So now you may need to refresh the web page so do that and log back in if needed and rechoose your server from the dropdown menu at the top. Then if everything was done like so, all you need to do is press start by going into the Server Status on the left.

Imgur Link of Photos

Also under the Java Settings, I like to use these arguments when hosting my servers

-d64 -server -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=3 -XX:NewRatio=3 -XX:SurvivorRatio=3 -XX:TargetSurvivorRatio=80 -XX:MaxTenuringThreshold=8 -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+ExplicitGCInvokesConcurrent -XX:+UseCMSInitiatingOccupancyOnly -XX:CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction=60 -XX:+BindGCTaskThreadsToCPUs -Xnoclassgc -XX:UseSSE=4

also add nogui to the bottom one to save on resources.

If you wanted to know, my “server” consists of this.

HP 8300 Elite Small Form Factor pc
Intel i7 4770S
12GB 1600Mhz DDR3 ram
Kingston 240GB SSD
Running Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS without a gui.

I personally like using Ubuntu as the host os and just installed MineOS as documented here

I know ubuntu more than turnkey linux and it in my opinion runs smoother too.

To connect to it I use PuTTy and use the commandline to do things like reboot it or update it.

@ovingiv Thanks so much for this super in-depth guide. I’m going to try it out tomorrow and see how things work. As an FYI, I’m using FreeNAS for my server, recently updated to 11.2. I’ll post in this thread tomorrow with updates if you don’t mind me following up with you.

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Unfortunately, it keeps shutting down. Lots of errors in the logs, but I don’t really understand what specifically is causing the issue. Do you have experience with reading the logs?

I do have a fair bit of knowledge. send the latest.log through here.

Also a link with the modpack so I can see if I can run it. If possible.

I’m uploading the entire folder I was sent, hopefully it makes sense to you. Link here:
Logs here:

[18:06:43] ain/ERROR] [LaunchWrapper/]: Unable to launch
java.lang.RuntimeException: ./config/CodeChickenCore.cfg (Permission denied)

From this I can see that it doesn’t have permission to write to that file.
See if you can change the chmod of that file to 777 then try again. If the same type of error comes up again but for a different file, they were copied to the server when you or someone else must of logged in as root or another user with higher system auth vs the mc account.

When I finish downloading the server, I’ll let you know if I run into the same issue. So far I have ~700mb downloaded.

Well it started up without issues and I’m on too. All I did was make a new server and named it the same as the folder and copied it to the server and just launched it. It didn’t crash and the client loaded up without an issue and I was able to join.

So make new server, same name as folder, do the installer for the jar, copy over all contents from the folder I sent into the server folder in MineOS, and then start it?

Yes. It should be as simple as that.

I’m just curious, what are the specs of your server?


Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2.93GHz (2 cores)


8 GiB

I will test out your solution tomorrow, thanks again for all of your help.

How many people do you plan to host? If it’s more than 5, I would suggest getting a better processor. If you have ~$45 laying around get a Intel Q9650. I used to have a old 775 system and I had gotten a bargain deal for a nice nforce 790i chipset mobo and q6600 for $75. I got a q9650 and it was a lot better for hosting compared to the q6600. I flipped that for a profit since I included two 660s with sli bridge and got what I have now.

And if you want to see how it feels, feel free to join the server as I’m just having it run and I’ll keep it running for a few days. <=== That’s the address to use.

New logs here:
Seems like it’s trying to find some mods and it’s not pointing to the right spot? As well, the folder I have has some .bat and .sh files, but those seem to be specific to a Windows machine. Do I need to copy those as well?

No. You don’t need to include those files.

From the zip you sent me, the only things I copied to my server were

Try only having these files in your server folder in the window on the right.

Then when you start the server, the rest of the folders will be remade and it should just start.

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New logs:

Below is the folder on the server after following your instructions.

Sorry for all of these issues, but again, seriously appreciate your help in this.