FTBInstall.sh runnable from the webui

Alright, well it seems it was easier than I thought to implement (safely and cleanly), so I have written some code to allow the execution of the FTBInstall.sh script from the webui.

This allows complete setup of FTB packs (that depend on this script) without ever having to use the command prompt.

Since it’s a new feature, it’s not yet pulled into the master branch, but if I could get your input that all is well with this new feature addition, I’ll pull it in immediately.

FTBInstall from the webui

Is this profile dependandt? Or file sensitive? In other words is that button always visible, or just when (if) one chooses a FTB profile, or the WebUI detects the FTBinstall.sh file?

This is what determines whether the button shows up.

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great (and fast) work.

i hesitate to comment but i do not recall that exactly stopping me before. here it goes.

a long time ago running the startserver.sh file was indeed required to get a FTB server running. (it, in turn ran the ftbinstall.sh file)

AFAIK while not making the two .sh files redundant, the FTB crew did address the issue of having to run them from the command line by executing them with the FTB.jar file provided in each flavor of FTB.

that means on a fresh server build, running the .jar that comes with the individual server pack locates all the files where they are supposed to go and executes everything required to run the FTB servers.

as such, in recently making 2ea separate servers i was not required to follow these steps provided by Sir hexparrot:

in effect, jumping instead from step 6 to 10 on his list.

therefore, i am not clear or entirely failing to understand the circumstances that following steps 7 to 9 are required and the need for the changes outlined above for the FTBInstall.sh button.

please, do note i am not advocating for the removal of the button.

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If the FTB devs could get rid of the need for the .sh files and just use the jar directly, that would definately be best for all, and easier. “startserver.sh” is now only a shells cript runing the java command that the start button in our WebUI runs (for the most part).

As for “ftbinstall.sh”, they are pretty much the same as the bukkit servers with their “buildtools.jar”, with the difference that one does everything in one jar, while the other uses a shell script. If they could package ftbinstall.sh into the server jar they are providing that would be exxelent, and would also mean that the “ftbinstall.sh” button would dissapear.

As @hexparrot confirmed on my question above: The “ftbinstall.sh” button only shows up in the WebUI when the file is present in the server directory. So if FTB gets rid of the file, the button do not show up.

Does anybody have any feedback on the usefulness of this button? Is it worth pulling in?

I haven’t tested it, but here are my thoughts:

On one hand it solves one of the most frequent problems users have when trying to start a FTB style server. We are also seeing an marked increase in users wanting advanced minecraft servers, without having (or bothering to get) the nesecary knowledge to use shell.

On the other hand it is another button to remember to press on the path to installing a minecraft server. As a deafult I feel that when it comes to user interfaces and buttons simplicity is the best. Heck,I get annoyed by the water dispencer at work having three buttons to do what it should be able to do with only two…

Is it possible to automate the button away? To make the “start” button sense the FTBinstall.sh file, and run it first unless it is allready done? (I am here guessing that FTBinstall must generate some file that could negate the run of FTBinstall.sh if it is present, like:
"IF (_exists "FTBInstall.sh" & !_exists "some file that FTBInstall generates"){run "FTBInstall.sh";}
(Pseudocoding like a hero, do my PHP-skills shine throug?? ;D)