FTB Beyond will not launch?

Ok so I downloaded the FTB Beyond Profile. After that was done I created a new server and set the main stuff (name, difficulty, port, etc.). Then I set the profile to FTB Beyond that just finished downloading. I accepted the EULA and set the launcher to the FTB Beyond .jar file. I set the XmX and XmS and whatnot. When I press Start nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.

Only one time did I click start and it actually looked like it tried to start but it immediately stopped. Is there a way to see what is going on or why it will not even attempt to start?

OR is there something I am doing wrong in order to get this to work??

Is Xmx higher than Xms? Try setting Xms to 512 and Xmx to 4096(4GB)

I already knew the answer to this because I had it backwards before and an error comes up and tells you that it’s wrong. I set to what you said and still nothing.

The other thing I notice is when you say log out and back in the Java file goes back to “Change runnable Jar to…” Not sure if there is something with that or no… i’m clueless at this point. I wish it would tell me what is wrong or what is NOT happening but it just clicks the button and nothing happens.

Also this is a brand new install with a freshly downloaded TKL ISO. I did tell it to run updates when I installed.

I have also checked to ensure the EULA is set to true.

Did you try searching this forum?
Have you read this: FTB Based Servers ?

You also have a number of logs. What do they say? For us to help you we will also need to see the logs.

Thank you. That gave some good insight. The issue appears to be with the permissions when you download the package. The button that is supposed to be there wasn’t. I found this thread:

Which had been updated recently where someone changed some of the permissions. I did that and as soon as I did the button showed up. I clicked that and basically waited until I could see the game launcher .jar file to be in the list and then started the server.

I do wish that there was more feedback in the UI when you click something. Too many times I click something in the UI (like the FTBInstall.sh button) and literally there is no feedback that anything is happening unless you are watching the Dashboard and watch some CPU usage go up etc.

All is working now though so that’s good.