Fresh install of Mineos on Ubuntu Server, won't fully load Webui

I just installed Mineos on a new installation of Ubuntu Server 18.04 and accessing the WebUI from my computer it only partially loads.
This is what it looks like
Can anyone help me with this?

This is the same thing that I’m getting on my WebUI. Please see my post here: Updated Web-UI got broken

And I have attempted to run the reset commands posted in that thread as well, with no luck. I have not yet scrapped my server and restored. But your post may have confirmed that I would still run into the same issue. I will attempt just the same, as the commit is an older version on the backup.

As is the case all the time, seeing the webui not working isn’t sufficient for me to diagnose.

Share with me error output.

Whether its the error output from your browser’s javascript console, or the /var/log/mineos.log file, I need something that tells me what the problem is.

In the linked thread, I had supplied both the javascript console error and the mineos.log file. I would be interested if Hunter gets the same error messages in both.

Does this help?
Javascript console:]

According to your javascript console:

Certificate error: net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

MineOS uses a self-signed certificate to allow HTTPS, but one of the side-effects of self-signed certs is that browsers need deliberate approval to use them (because by default, it distrusts them).

According to your console error, you’re getting angular issues.

According to the console error, the browser is not loading the angular javascript sources because of the cert error. It suggests to me that the security part of Chrome is unhappy here:

  1. is the system time wrong on your workstation?
  2. is the system time wrong on your MineOS host?
  3. did you change any security-related functionality to reject self-signed certificates?
  4. are you experiencing a browser related problem from non-mineos related errors?

Regarding #4, look at the first errors you’re getting: “Devtools failed to load sourcemap” and this is regarding a chrome-extension “ERR_UNKONWN_URL_SCHEME”.

It seems like the browser might benefit from a reset to default settings and then a gradual locking down as needed. If you don’t want to reset it, can you confirm the same issues happen on a different browser?