Fresh Install of Mine OS and Web-UI does not load


Japan, because it was free.

But if you look here:

You can see there is only one d/l of your server. That was me testing the u/l to confirm it worked.

And yes, I did enter the server, played in the casino and it was stable for over 20 hours.

Then I deleted it.


Ok so a progress update: &

Although I had made it boot but the UI does not show that I can connect to it.


Something interesting now: Check here

Thanks to @tNt for help with the server.


So I followed your steps and everything is working now but I see this:


Ok so I just magically fixed all my issues by changing the server name to something with no spaces eg. server1

Anyway thanks to @tNt @JayMontana36 & @hexparrot for their help. It was a simple issue all along.


You are welcome, it was not such a simple matter to take what you u/l and make a working server out of, but a challenge. Accepted.

Congratulations also in order for keeping after it and getting some issues ironed out yourself.

take care!