Forge Servers just don't work at all

Hello I’m trying to run a 1.19.2 forge server and no matter what I do the installer doesn’t generate a
forge-1.19.2-43.1.7-server.jar file, so I went to my local computer ran through the installer and copied the file over to the server and gave it complete execute permissions but even with that now it doesn’t start at all.

Maybe try searching the forums :thinking:

I have I’ve tried everything I can find and nothing works which is a shame because it’s my only issue with MineOS everything else is fine really just want to get a forge server up and running

Ok so running ./ starts the server fine but I want to fix it so it works from the gui

There are several forum posta bout forge, and problems with starting forge, just a quick search and you’d have found for example this post: Can't Start 1.19 Forge Server - #15 by Ank

Aight its now working thanks guys

All the stuff i wrote in that thread only applies to pre 1.18 roughly not sure where the point is where it changes entirely because i am only interested and play up to 1.7.10 so no idea about new minecraft but i know its changed.

This is what you would need to look at because its all changed from 1.17-1.18 on wards.

at the time of writing i did not know this was the case and only knew after due to Elpress linked this post to someone else.

If you can see it too in that thread then we are both on different pages lol and its because i didn’t actually know later Minecraft changed the format and structure of how it runs the game. So i am trying to advise them but its wrong lol. Well form 1.18 its wrong but i didn’t know that at the time.

There is still good insight there though its just the bottom line has changed post 1.1x sometime.

yeah I think adding the java args is what made it work

Hey guys I/m back trying to start another forge server and yet again it wont work I’ve added the java args but it still sits at “Down” when clicking Start

Never mind i was missing a t on the end of the args no stress

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