First-time runnning help

Hello, MineOS community! I can not get my server up, here’s a few bits of infomation:

4GB of RAM.
32bit Turnkey
Logs into WebUI as root user.

How much ram should I dedicate to the server, how will I go around getting it booted? Clicking start and accepting the EULA does nothing…
I also wish for the serveer to restart every twelve hours, how would I do this ?

Thanks MineOS communtiy, hope for a reply soon!

Have you searched the forum?
Have you read the wiki?

Most, if not all, of the answers to your questions are there.

And why are you using root?

I serched the wiki a little bit with serching tools, nothing came back too relevent.
I’m using root because that is the login I set up…

Another one, I’ve read on the Wiki that I use Linux terminal to access SHH/SFTP file sharing - does XTerm work aswell?

*A stock non-gnome terminal.

xterm is a linux terminal for a graphical user interface. it is basically the same.

From the Wiki (under other resources: youtube channel) How to use the webui (including setting up and starting a vanilla server:

Minecraft server restart: Auto restart server

From the wiki, on installing the webUI:

When creating minecraft servers, it is required to use an unprivileged user to create and manage Minecraft servers. For most distros, this will be with the adduser username command. The password you set during user creation will also be the password used for the web-ui.

You should never use root for anything other than updating system (and the MineOS WebUI).

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Thanks for supplying the server restart infomation! :smiley:

I have watched the video for what feels like a thousand times, and when I click start the server, accept the EULA and everything along those lines, it does not start the console.

Since my previous post, I have reinstalled MineOS and noticed the “MC” account is also created - is this my WebUI account I am suppost to use?

How can I add more users to the WebUI?
Can I port-farward the WebUI? (Port 8443)
Can others now access it?

Yes, use the MC user

The WebUI uses the underlying OS’s user management, use a terminal or ssh and the command “adduser”

Yes you can port forward the WebUI, this has to be done in your gateway / router. You might have to open a port in your MineOS host to allow connections to that port from other computers than LAN, I don’t remember (I use a Ubuntu Server with MineOS added manually on top).

If you port forward, and your MineOS host allows WAN connections on that post, other users can access your MineOS host from the outside.

Pressing start do not start a console, but do the server status icon turn green and it states “Up” next to it your minecraft server is running. The closest thing to a console in the UI is under “logging” where you can press “logs/latest.log”. At the bottom of the log you may enter commands to the minecraft server console.

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Thank you very much, how would I go around connecting SSH/SFTP via the terminal? Does it open a GUI file explorer? I’ve tried running the following:

Password: xxxxx

It does not accept my root password.
Do I need to run:
shh ?

Thanks for supporting me to set up MineOS! <3
*Great OS - It’s the perfect solution for my not-so-powerful laptop to run a server!

Ok. basics it is…

A terminal (And x-term included) is realy just a window or a view into a text based command line environment. that environment runs something called a shell, that contains rules and commands for how you can interact with the OS using text.

SSH is an abreviation for Secure SHell. It is a protocol and a method to connect remotely to a linux host using encryption. Telnet is another way to connect remotely, but is not encrypted. The big difference is that telnet sends everything in clear text, so anybody sniffing your remote session will see what you write, and be able to snap up your username and password. SSH encrypts everything, so that your session stays private.

typeing SSH into a terminal window (using your local shell) do not open a new graphical window. It opens a new shell connection to the remote host, in the same terminal window you are currently using.

SSH and terminal windows are used to run commands and do tasks running those commands.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a protocl for transfering files between different hosts. FTP in it self have no graphical interface, it merely defines protocols for to host to be able to transfer files. It is your FTP client that has the graphical user interface. SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is the same, but encrypted.

The root user is limited to local shell use by default. It may be opened for remote use, but not recommended (At All). Use your MC user. NEVER use root, unless you are updating your system (or MineOS).

If you are running from a windows PC remotely I reccomend putty ( for ssh connections and filezilla ( for sftp transfers.

It also sounds like you need to read up on linux:
This is highly recommended, since MineOS runs on top of a linux version, and you will need to know how to use linux to sucessfully use MineOS (over time).

Using laptops for MineOS and Minecraft is not always simple. In particular if you wish to use it on your wireless network. The older ones are often not quite fast or strong enough to run minecraft servers lag free. Especially if you are planning on running more than one minecraft server, or one of the heftier ones like the FTB-class of minecrafts servers.


I’ve had a sniff-aroo around the Linux Guide, I have been using Linux Mint & Ubuntu for years - MineOS is really my first time stepping out of the GUI.

On regards towards the laptop, it’s fully lan’d up. It’s ran Spigot Minecraft servers before using Linux Mint before easy-peasy-lemon-squeezie with no issues. Incase you want to know a bit more, it’s an IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T60 - everything is the same apart from that I upgraded the ram to the 32bit limit of 4GBs - and also it has a decently fast and large 500GB HHD for hosting the files on.

I think all my questions are now answered, and this thread can now be marked resolved if that’s what you’d wish to do with it.

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– Just one last thing –

Where would I edit the FULL server.proerties file?
Is the only way to do that via SSH/SFTP?

Also, I tried starting a server as the “MC” user - it just did nothing apart from going “UP” for a few minutes an drying - no logs were created, or for atleast as I can see.

After attempting to start, it says this in the notifications area.



Sorry @iMelsom for calling you into this again, but it seems not all my issues are actually resolved… :stuck_out_tongue:

the only place to edit the file is in its location in the server directory, accessed with ssh.

/var/games/minecraft/servers/name of your server/

the meny choice in the WebUI shows the entire contents of the file, but as separeate variables and values. There are several more variables and properties that can be set, but if they are not shown in the WebUI, they are not set in the file. Here is a list of all possible variables/value pairs:

Now, to diagnose why your server stops we need at least two logs (depending on what type of server you are trying to run):

/var/games/minecraft/servers/name of your server/logs/latest.log

We also need to know (or at least it gives us an idea of where to start looking for errors) what type of server you are trying to start (vanilla? Bukkit/Spigot? An FTB-type server? A PockeMine (pocket edition) type server?). Al of them have different pitfals and ways to crash. Vanilla (the ordinary not modded Mojang Minecraft server) is the easiest one to run, and hardly ever crashes.

one question to start with is: Did you create your server as root? Then you need to log in with root and remove it (easiest way if it is a fresh server), then log out, then in again and create it with the MC user. creating it with root sets user rights for all files and directories for your server to root only. This means the MineOS user, and the MC user, cannot access those files, and the server crashes. (simplified explanation). If it is an older world you have built quite a lot in, you need to manually go to the directory through ssh, ad change user and group ownership of all files and directories (including the directory named after your server itself) to that of the mc user.

I sorted my issues with the file - there is a “+” icon for the nodes I need to add.
I am trying to run BuildTools.jar
I am using the MC user.

How would I go around sending you the log files?

Ah. you are trying to run a spigot / bukkit type server.

buildtools.jar is not a server file. it is a file used to build a server file for that type of server. Trying to run that as a server file will crash.

spigot / bukkit is not released properly for minecraft 1.11, so the build process fails to produce a server file. I just tried because I have a couple of bukkit servers that need to be upgraded to 1.11…

to use spigot / bukkit you need to go to the apropriate menu (spigot / Craftbukkit),

  • press “Download latest buildtools.jar”
  • use the “Build Spigot” button beside the 1.10.2 version.
  • when the build is done (look at the output window at the bottom of the page) press the “Copy to server” button that shows up when done.
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That makes so much sense! I feel silly now! :frowning:
Okay, It’s only showing in the “Spigot / Craftbukkit” tab server files up to 1.9.4 - where are the 1.10.2 files you spoke about?

Would 1.11 files be avalible soon?

Thanks @iMelsom for helping! <3

How old is you MineOS installation?

In the top corner (hvere the user name is) there is a small downwards pointing arrow. Press that one and check your commit, and then try pressing “Refresh profile list”.

You may need to upgrade your MineOS to a newer commit, but refreshing profile list should get all the current server versions.

Take a look at the following thread: Megathread for MineOS webui issues

And here is how to update the WebUI:
(and to update the WebUI you need to use root ;D)

Right, it says “git commit: 0e45be7”

I used the x86 installtion from the homepage.
If 0e45be7 is not the latest build I shall update it.
And I’ll need to use root. :wink:

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That being said, I am starting to suspect that the latest buildtools.jar is buggy. I cant seem to build any version right now.

So it’s not mine, your, or MineOS’ end - it’s BuildTools?

Okay… Seems ood…

Latest commit is d9a604b

Maybe. It may just be bad luck (and a bad commit from MineOS do not in itself host or make thos files. It simply makes them available from those who make them. So if they release a buggy or faulty version, MineOS will still DL it, but will not be able to make it work…

Right I see - so I still need to update my WebUI - BUT, also need to wait for the Spigot team to fix their Build Tools?
Is it worth updating or should I wait?