Dumb question

So, I tried Turnkey to get my feet wet and learn the ropes a bit. I thought then that I’d try MineOS on Raspbian, and now I’m running into some trouble. Namely, vanilla works fine, but Spigot starts and then stops.

I see other people finding and posting log files, but I’m not sure what log is being requested. I checked latest.log and it’s empty. Ultimately, I’m not sure that Spigot downloaded and/or built and copied correctly, but I don’t know how to check to make sure. Can someone walk me through the troubleshooting here? I’m in IT, so don’t hold back on tech terms, but I’m not well versed in Linux.

Spigot is a server type that must be compiled before use. In the spigotprofile menu there is a button besides the version you want that say “build spigot / craftbukkit”.

After the server jar is built you need to copy it to the minecraft server directory. This is done with the “copy to server” button.

There was a short while problems with building thorough MineOS, this has been resolved. Please check if you have upgraded your MineOS version. See more here: How to properly update mineos-node. Do not forget to restart your mineos service after updating.

Thanks. What file should have been copied? It seems to be copying the buildtools jar, not the Spigot jar.

Then it is not properly building the spigot and craftbukkit jars. Try updating your WebUI. See this thread for info on this error: [resolved] Building Spigot / Craftbukkit fails - solution: update WebUI

So, I did the update (although I doubt that I was behind given that I just installed this) and it still did the same thing. It copied BuildTools.jar to the server directory. I’m on git commit 1190870 and pretty certain I was before the update. Worse, I can’t seem to find a Spigot, Bukkit, or CraftBukkit jar anywhere, though there is a spigot_1.11.2 directory containing BuildTools.jar, BuildTools.log.txt, Bukkit, and CraftBukkit, all files, no directories.

The .log.txt file is empty.

If you read through the thread I linked to, you will find instructions on how to run buildtools.jar manually, so force a build of the propper files. Since you allready have buildtools in you server direcotry, simply follow them :slight_smile:

Discovered my problem…and that’s patience. I watched htop on my server after I hit the Build button. I had no idea it was taking that long, because the button for “copy” comes up way before the build is actually complete. Is there any way to make the button for building the Spigot .jar not look like it’s doing nothing?