How to properly update mineos-node

I can’t seem to find the instructions to Update Mineos-node. To help properly test I should be updating frequently I would think. Also as a side note. Maybe a built in version checker if possible might be a good thing to prompt admins to update.

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
npm install

This is the recommended route while mineos-node still is in pre-release. It is likely to get automated, scripted, or otherwise improved by the time release comes up.

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Thanks for this info Hexparrot, I’m still doing testing on my Arm boards. Found a few issues but i’ll report them after I do an update.

I get to the last point npm install and it comes back with
-bash: npm: command not found

Git reset --hard origin/master

HEAD is now at 2 430 effects Merge pull request #125 from xd1936/patch-1