DietPi MineOS server start failed

I created a fresh install of DietPi v120 and used this guide. After I accept the EULA and click “Start” server, I get “[servername] start failed 127.” I also tried to click “Copy profile to live server files” and get the error “[servername] copy_profile failed 127.” I believe I have a file permissions issue. I went to check the logs and they are blank. Has anyone installed on DietPi before? All the Google results I have found are for different OS’s. What should I do or where should I go? Thanks for any help provided.

I also got this error. It doesn’t appear that rsync, the method that copies over profiles to the live server directory is present.

I was able to remedy this with apt-get install rsync as root at the command line. This step, however, should be added to the MineOS installation process since it essential to easy use of MineOS. @Zone

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Alright thanks for your help! I opened a ticket on GitHub. Thanks for the help and notifying me @hexparrot

Final note: fixed as of DietPi v21.


What hardware are using? A list of supported hardware can be found in the guide that you link to.
Example. Raspberry pi 3?

I have a Raspberry Pi 2. Also installing rsync did fix it!

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