DietiPi bringing lightweight MineOS justice to ARM single-board computers!

DietPi Lightweight justice.

DietPi is a lightweight operating system built for self hosting on arm single-board computers. DietPi is more than that just the average minimal OS! A comparison between DietPi v100 (Jessie) vs Raspbian Lite (Jessie)

All the DietPi images come pre-optimized with features like automatic filesystem expansion | “DietPi-Ramlog” (/var/log to ram) | Minimal CPU/Memory footprint and low process count to ensure you get the max performance from your device.

DietPi is a great platform for hosting small MineOS minecraft servers.
To get started a step-by-step DietPi guide is available for your convenience. MineOS specific details be found here.

A special note, I can’t stress enough you should run the server off of a hard drive instead of a thumb drive or SD card. Not only because of limited performance but storage medium failure due to high read/writes. DietPi has an option to install programs onto HHD/SSD with ease.

**Supported Hardware**

[details=DietPi Software]
Detailed Summary

  • LXDE - Highly optimized lightweight desktop without the “bloatware”.
  • Mate - Popular Gnome 2 desktop.
  • GnuStep - Alternative/unique desktop.
    Remote Desktop Access:
  • Tightvnc Server - Desktop for remote connection.
  • VNC4 Server - Desktop for remote connection.
  • NoMachine - Feature rich remote desktop connection.
    Media Systems:
  • Kodi - Media Centre / Player
  • HiFi - Web Interface Music /Radio Player
  • SubSonic - Feature rich media streaming server with web interface.
  • SqueezeBox - Also known as Logitech Media Server.
  • SqueezeLite - Audio player for SqueezeBox.
  • Shairport Sync - AirPlay audio player with multiroom sync
  • BruteFIR - EQ and Digital Room Correction via ALSA.
  • MiniDLNA - Media streaming server (DLNA, UPnP)
  • Ampache - Web interface media streaming server.
  • Emby - Web interface media streaming server.
  • Plex Media Server - Web interface media streaming server.
  • Murmur - Mumble VoIP Server
  • Transmission - Lightweight BitTorrent server with web interface
  • Deluge - Alternative BitTorrent server with web interface
  • OpenTyrian - Gaming
  • Cuberite - Fast Minecraft server with web interface
  • MineOS - Multiple Minecraft servers with web interface
    Camera / Surveillance:
  • DietPi-Cam - RPi Camera / Web Interface Surveillance
    Cloud / Backups:
  • OwnCloud - Your own personal cloud based backup/data storage system
  • Pydio - Feature-rich backup and sync server with web interface.
    Social Media:
  • Forums - phpbb3
  • Wordpress - Website Blog and Publishing platform.
  • Image Gallery - Host and browse your images from a web interface.
  • BaiKal - Lightweight CalDAV + CardDAV server.
  • OpenBazaar - Decentralized peer to peer market server using BitCoin.
    WiFi HotSpot
  • WiFi HotSpot - Turn your device into a wireless hotspot/access point.
  • Tor HotSpot - Optional: Routes all WiFi HotSpot traffic through the Tor network.
    Home Automation:
  • EmonPi - Lightweight Energy usage stats with EmonPi PCB.
  • Grasshopper - Web App to control Bticino MyHome
    RPi Hardware Projects:
  • RPi.GPIO - GPIO Interface library for RPi (python).
  • WiringPi - GPIO Interface library for RPi ©.
  • WebIOPi - Web interface to control RPi GPIO.
  • I2c - Enables support for I2c based hardware.
    Remote Access:
  • Weaved - Access your device over the internet.
    System Stats / Management:
  • DietPi-Cloudshell - Lightweight system stats for your LCD display or monitor.
  • Raspcontrol - Web interface system stats
  • Linux Dash - Web interface system stats
  • PhpSysInfo - Web interface system stats
  • RPi Monitor - Web interface system stats
  • NetData - Web interface system stats
    System Security:
  • Fail2Ban - Protects your system from brute-force attacks
    Webserver Stacks:
  • LAMP Webserver - Apache2 / MySql / PHP
  • LASP Webserver - Apache2 / SQLite / PHP
  • LAAP Webserver - Apache2 / MariaDB / PHP
  • LEMP Webserver - Nginx / MySql / PHP
  • LESP Webserver - Nginx / SQLite / PHP
  • LEAP Webserver - Nginx / MariaDB / PHP
  • LLMP Webserver - Lighttpd / MySql / PHP
  • LLSP Webserver - Lighttpd / SQLite / PHP
  • LLAP Webserver - Lighttpd / MariaDB/ PHP
  • phpMyAdmin - Web interface SQL admin tool
  • Lets Encrypt - Free, automated SSL cert creation and setup, allowing https.
    DNS Servers:
  • Pi-hole - A DNS/Web server that will block ads for any device on your network.
    VPN Servers:
  • OpenVPN - Easy to use, minimal hassle VPN server
    Network Load Balancing:
  • HaProxy - High performance TCP/HTTP load balancer.
    Website URL’s:
  • NoIp - Website URL Address

File Server Choices:

  • ProFTP - Simple, efficient, lightweight file server.
  • Samba - Feature rich file server.
    SSH Server Choices:
  • Dropbear - Lightweight SSH Server
  • OpenSSH - Feature rich SSH server with SFTP/SCP support.
    Log System Choices:
  • DietPi-Ramlog - Lightweight RAM logging.
  • Full - Full logging system with Rsyslog and Logrotate.
    Webserver Preference System:
  • Apache2 - Feature-rich webserver
  • Nginx - Lightweight webserver
  • Lighttpd - Extremely lightweight webserver[/details]
    DietPi Software allows for popular, optional software installations. All of which are pre-configured and “ready to run”. If you are a beginner, or expert, simply select the software you require and DietPi-Software will do all the installation, optimisations and configurations for you. Allowing you to get the maximum performance from your device.

MineOS on DietPi is on its second release. There may be bugs! in that event please post Here what hardware you’re using and the version of DietPi.