Cron Jobs not working

Does anyone have experience setting up cron jobs in MineOS?

I’m trying to set up cron jobs to display certain server messages and to do automatic restarts and backups on my Minecraft server.

I used a cron job generator to generate cron job values but the web interface isn’t allowing me to start the cron job.

I think It might be something to do with the JavaScript in the Web Interface but I’m not sure.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a web interface issue or an issue with my cron jobs?

Is there a way to implement the cron jobs in MineOS native?

Thanks for any help.

I don’t know super much about it, but the following thread helped me setting up a Cron job to make a restore point every 12 hours [SOLVED] How to use the Scheduling tab

for 12 hours I use 0 * */12 * * *
Basically seems to be put a 0 before whatever scheduling you generate with a Cron generator.