[SOLVED] How to use the Scheduling tab

I was wondering how exactly do I use the Scheduling tab in the new MineOS-node WebUI. I just want to setup an automatic restore point every 30 minutes, something which I believe was i the old version of MineOS but has not been carried over, and this is the place as far as I can discern that I need to do it.


There’s a (?) logo on the crontab page (or should be, otherwise you’re using a very, very, very old commit). This page helps explain the use of crontab syntax to determine times to run actions.

It is important to note that while any other cron expression tutorial you read on the internet is valid and useful, this particular cron syntax offers an additional time gauge, with the added one being for “seconds” to give you added precision. For your case (which is not requiring precision), you would likely choose to make the “seconds” value “0”, because you’re interested in having restores every 30 minutes.

Here’s an example I generated from http://www.crontab-generator.org for every 30 minutes:

*/30 * * * *

This would translate into

0 */30 * * * *

in MineOS. You can use this second one–right now–for your 30 minute backups.

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Thanks! Worked a charm. :smile:

0 */14-19 * * * would this do a job every hour from 2pm to 7pm?

How would you do every week day, 2pm to 7pm and weekends 8am to 7pm on saturday and sunday?