CPU Management?

Is There A Way You Can Limit How Much Of The CPU A Minecraft Server Can Use?

There are no tools built into MineOS or the webui to handle that.
Linux (and equivalent OS’s like Turnkey) have methods. Let me google that for you.

This question was also answered by @hexparrot in your previous post about monetizing MineOS: Can I Make Money Out Of It?

Define “Much”.

I do limit my CPU usage. My Minecraft server has two Quad Core Xeon 5400 CPU’s and throwing full power at a Minecraft server would actually degrade performance.

To reduce this, my virtual machine setting allow me to reduce the amount of sockets and cores I throw at each server.

Good results have been has with 2 sockets and one core each socket so I have not attempted a single core and single socket yet but would expect good results.

Keeping in mind minecraft was designed to run most efficient with a single core CPU.

How you could reduce “how much” you could reduce your CPU usage depends on you current ‘setup’ and factoring in the advices of iMelsom above.

An example of that would be if you use a windows NT or server option. In that environment you could run a program like that I have used to slow a fast CPU to play older games on new laptops/pc called CPUkiller, allows for throttling down to almost nothing. Unwise.

I am also looking at “Client Hyper-V” in win 8 to virtually run any windows version, CPUkiller would work in that case but would be system wide.

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He can limit CPU usage if he runs in a virtual environment, but it is still not MineOS that do the limiting. In MineOS itself there are no such functions. It is possible, as I google above, to limit using linux commands.

So it depends on whether he runs his MineOS on a virtual machine, or installed physically on hardware.

Thank you Guys For The Replies!
I am Planning To Use Multiple Servers On A MineOS VPS If That Changes Anything? I am Still Getting To Terms With Stuff Like This

IF you have several MineOS Virtal Machines each of the virtual machines can have limited access to CPU cycles. This limits CPU access for the entire MineOS installation not only single minecraft servers.

You can limit or stop processes in Linux by the methods you find by folloring the google link above (there are several howtos there, that why I do not paste in one single on, and this is really stuff you can google yourself as well. Thats an integral part of rinning a server. knowing how to search for solutions.

We have allready stated that MineOS is an overlay on a linux OS, and that MineOS do not have any methods for limiting resource usage at all (other than the memory settings you provide).

Are you still considering using MineOS for a commercial VPS solution with a rent-a-minecraft server? My reccomendation is to look at the VPS solutions that are spesifically made to do that. They come with all the functions necesary to do so, including billing.

You also need to learn linux: https://www.linux.com/learn/complete-beginners-guide-linux