Can I Make Money Out Of It?

So, I Am Thinking Of Starting A Minecraft Server Hosting Company And I Was Wondering If I Can Use This For The Servers’ Control Panel? I Am Just Asking If I Can Or Can’t, Of Course If I Can’t Then I Won’t But I’m Just Curious Before I Put Anymore Thought Into It.

Questions like this pops up occationally. @Hexparrot answered this quite thoroughly here: (Several doubts) Using MineOS to host a Minecraft Cloud IaaS

The short of it is that while MineOS is made to be a good frontend for Minecraft server administrators, it lacks most of the functionality to take the role of commercial grade minecraft server hosting software.
MineOS does the job of the administrative tasks of running minecraft servers easier, but lacks most or all of the functionality expected of a commercial grade minecraft server host; billing, user and domain handling, and trouble / ticket handling.

So while technically possible, it is strongly discouraged by the developer. MineOS would be better suited as a service provided to the persons renting a minecraft server from you.

@Hexparrot provides it (and support) for free, and he has until now not set any limitations on usage, so the answer to am I allowed is yes. (On a personal note I would also claim that it is somewhat unethical to monetize somebody elses work without compensating them, so I would expect at least credits where credits are due)

The total answer then would be:
Yes, but not really reccomended.

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And the most important one–resource limiting per user/server.

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