Copying existing world file onto MineOS?


I have an existing world file that a friend sent to me from a server he had run previously. I’ve got MineOS up and running and the web UI works fine. I’m wonder how to copy over that world file that I have on my desktop PC to my laptop which is running MineOS, and then use that world to start a server.


As far as I know, all you have to do is to place a compressed file (zip or tarball) in /var/games/minecraft/import", then use the “import a server” button to create a server from the world files. All you have to do afterwords is selecting the correct server profile, and starting the server.

@hexparrot may need to correct me on this though…

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A compressed world folder?

So the has the data and playerdata and stats folders directly inside it?

Just checking that I get it right, but thanks!

It’s the world data you want, the player data is generated by players when then join your server. I’m not quite sure how player data from a singleplayer world translates to a multiplayer server though. worst case I guess, is that you just start as a fresh character in an existing world.

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The world file I was sent was pretty much a copy paste of all the saved data from another multiplayer server, so maybe it’s possible to conserve all the data? I’ll try and see what happens, thanks though.

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The world folder, typically named “world” sometimes along with “world_nether” and “world_end” are (obviously) the world stuff, and is all you need for importing a world. If you already have a working server and would like to use that world instead, you have 3 options:

  1. Delete the existing world folder(s), and replace it with that one

  2. Rename the existing world folder(s) to something else, and drag the new/old world folder in

  3. Drag the existing world folder in, followed by changing the level-name in the file to match the world’s folder’s name.

Note: The world that you’d like to use has to have it’s folder named “world” unless changed in the file; if changed there then the world must match whatever’s there.

You sure it’s just the world? Or is it an entire server?

Singleplayer worlds (as well as LAN and “standard” servers) both save and store player data inside the world folder. However though, when you have certain plugins such as Essentials for example, the only plugin I know that changes the way that Minecraft saves player data, player data is then instead stored outside the world folder inside Essentials’ plugin folder under userdata which can then be exported to standard Minecraft as in exported to the world folder for use without the Essentials plugin.

If it is an entire server and not just the world folder, then yeah you pretty much have everything conserved.