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Hi Guys,

First post, be gentle. Installed MineOS on a VM to try to get into this Minecraft thing with my kids, i am much better at the IT thing than moving around in a blocky world, but i guess that’ll come in time!

Everything works well, except importing. Now i guess i am doing something wrong, but i have tried a number of different pre built worlds and one of my sons local worlds, zipped them up, installed via the webUI import option and everytime i get a vaniila world. What am i doing wrong?

If we start with the lads local world i went to his minecraft profile, found the directory for the world and zipped everything. Moved this zip to imports, it showed up in the UI, pressed import, set a port and a profile for it and i just got a vanilla MC world.

Any ideas?

Just tried to manually expand the server files into a directory i created in servers and that doesnt show up on the WebUI

A profile moves the appropriate files into the server’s directory. There’s a follow-up step where you’ll choose the “runnable jarfile” (on the right of the same server status page) that should allow you to change the jarfile to a non-vanilla jar.

Another thing to consider:

“world” is the default world folder, and the one MineOS and MineCraft chooses by default. If your import folder is named something else, you need to change the “level-name” setting to match the folder name, or rename the folder “world”.

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So you have a working server, now you either just have to delete the one generated by the server and rename the one you want in it’s place, or change level-name in to match the world folder.

Will give the editing properties a go. Am i doing anything wrong in simply zipping up a world from a single players windows profile?

OK tried the level name thing but i think i am getting confused. I have a few worlds running, some backups from an earlier MIneOS install. These work. Looking at the level name in server properties these are all set to world. I tried changing it to Epic (the name my son gave it) but i think i got a vanilla world again. My thought looking at the posts above is this should be world and i need to go to my sons PC and find the world folder, zip that and put that in over an existing world?

One thing to do is make sure that the import do not place the world import in an ekstra direcotrye (as: /var/games/minecraft/servers/[servername]/importedworld/importedworld). sometimes when unpacking compressed folders while conserving direcotry structure one gets another level of direcory that should not be there.

It’s somewhat hard to give you other advice than “should work” and “normally this is how…” and “default is”. For us to be able to help you deeper, please provide:

  1. screenshot of the direcotry of the server you are trying to configure (showing all files and folders in the root )
  2. screenshot or printout of your file

None of thos two things will show us anything that may compromise your server in any way, but will help us help you sort out this problem.


Here’s some background on what MineOS is expecting for imported worlds.

It even contains some one-liners to help verify things are in the place they should be; from the bird’s-eye view, it should end up like this:

   |-----epic (this is where it should exist)

Just as it has been said above, the name of the directory that contains the Minecraft world files is immaterial.  By default, it is `world`, which corresponds to the default value in `` for `level-name`.

If the value in `server-properties` does not correspond to an existing directory, e.g., `epic`, that directory will be _created_, and a new world generated in that directory.  Because it's Linux, I also expect it to be case-sensitive, so watch out for that.

If all this tarring and zipping and such is getting all too confusing, follow the SFTP section of that wiki page I linked above.

[quote="david, post:6, topic:1853"]
Am i doing anything wrong in simply zipping up a world from a single players windows profile?

Depends on where you create your zip, but the general rule is you want to catch the highest level directory for Minecraft, e.g., the one that _contains_ `world`, `logs`, `mods`, etc.
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