Cant install MineOs Turrnkey

Whenever I go to boot off my iso flash drive with the iso installed using Rufus, I get “Unable to find a medium containing a live file system” any help plz? I have SSD also installed in the system that i want to run the server off of

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I just really want to use the tunkey as ive used it before. Im trying to reinstall it becasue i meesed up the permissions on my files and was no longer to start a server.

Retry with using different USB ports (typically 2.0 ports) and/or drives, or if the existing system is still there why not simply just fix the permissions as the root user using chown -R user:group /var/games/minecraft/servers/[server] replacing user with your username and group also with your username unless you created a separate group?

I’ve tried usb 2.0 and 3.0 and 2 different usb sticks. I’m using the same usb stick that i used to originally install turnkey. Do i need to partition my SSD on a different computer or is there maybe like a bios feature i need to tweak? Just kind of grasping for anything at this point. And I cant use the old system cause i dont have it anymore.

MineOS Turnkey is Debian. Rather than pull your hair out about the inability for Rufus to created a bootable ISO from the Turnkey ISO is probably not the best use of your efforts.

Ubuntu is a slightly-modified debian, but for all intents and purposes, it is wholly compatible. But if you’re still not interested in Ubuntu, you can just install Debian (one that likely will install from Rufus-made USB sticks) and then use the convenience installer script linked on every wiki page for each distro.

  1. Using an existing setup, execute the convenience installer script via gist (wget-friendly link)

I think that getting held up on the ISO/USB process will be needlessly frustrating in comparison to the installation methods otherwise available to put the webui on Linux.

Ok so I’m willing to switch I guess but I just need the best performance out of a system. I maybe lost but I thought the Ubuntu would eat up more ram and I need as much as possible becasue the mod pack my friends and I play eats a lot of ram. So I guess my question is which path should I take and if so how. Just FYI I have an and fx8350 8 gbs of ram a 120gb ssd and a gtx 750ti and can install using a disc or flash drive. What ever path is best in your mind plz tell me. The different versions of mineos confuse me and I thought the turnkey version would eat up the least amount of resources. @hexparrot @JayMontana36

Ubuntu Desktop maybe, being as it’s got a graphical user interface rather than being command line only, however Ubuntu Server not so much; if you want something about as minimalist as the official MineOS TurnKey distro (but with better/broader hardware support out of the box and less chances likely for any installation hiccups or issues) I’d say that Ubuntu Server is/would be your best choice.

Well, seeing as the official MineOS TurnKey distro won’t fully properly boot on that system via USB flash out of the box due to lack of hardware drivers/support (thus its inability to locate the drive that it had initially begun/started to boot off of (yes kinda weird I know, however it’s the system BIOS/firmware that initialized the boot process which fully supports USB booting and hands it over to the system in question being booted, which also needs to support the method or hardware otherwise it won’t properly fully boot successfully, in the case of Windows for example you’d end up with a blue screen if there’re no drivers for the method of booting off from USB, seen/experienced mostly mainly with older versions that used CD-ROM and/or Floppy drives or if you were to specifically on purpose strip the drivers out on the newer editions/versions) which in turn would also mean that because of that it also cannot find nor access any of the files or contents that it needs access to in order to proceed and do anything) your best bet/choice/option is/would be Ubuntu Server; download it’s ISO and use Rufus just as/like you have previously done, boot off of the drive just as/like before and install, then you either follow the steps/guide on the official MineOS wiki here, or:

If you still wish to stick with and use the official MineOS TurnKey distro on that particular system however your best logical option/choice to make that happen is most probably via disc, assuming it’s internal and connected by/via some method fully supported by the distro (most probably SATA and maybe also IDE, anything other I’m unsure).

ok so im going to try turnkey one more time but this time with a disc. Is there any bios settings that i need to know about?

Typically no, and if the currently installed system is functioning properly other than the permissions issue that you had mentioned originally (which I’d recommend fixing instead of reinstalling) then things should just work out of the box if the installation is successful.

So im trying with a disc right now and the disc isnt even showing up in my bios as a boot option
wait never mind didnt even plug in the sata cable

Ok i got to the part of choosing what kind of debian installer i should choose. Guided entire disk or guided entire disk and set up lvm?

Guided entire disk, unless you have a need/use for LVM (Logical Volume Management) which you most probably likely don’t/won’t.

Ok so i got everything up and running thank to you all and now just need to comment on a problem. i went to make a new server on mc in the web interface and downloaded the profile i wanted to but it wouldnt let me use the profile i wanted to. So i look at the permissions on the profile and for some reason mc wasnt allowed to use the files.

If anything you must use the web ui to copy to live server files, the profiles directory is owned/protected by root on purpose as a security measure preventing tampering by normal regular users as there’s generally very little to no need to ever manually touch anything in that directory.

EDIT: You may also take a look at this (skipping over to the “Using MineOS” parts/portions of the video): [Tutorial] Installing/Using/Configuring MineOS-Node on a Ubuntu/Debian based distribution with a GUI (WiFi included, covers a range of some basics)

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