Blank Console + modpack(server is working)


I recently started using MineOS on ubuntu(VPS) and it’s really awesome.
I was installing some modpack servers and saw that the console doesn’t read the whole start up and shutdown of a modded server, like what happens when I use screen.
Is this a bug? Or is this not yet implemented?


Can you describe in more detail what you mean byit doesn’t read the whole start up?

Do you mean like, there are a lot more lines in the actual file than you see in the console in the webui? If so, then this is expected, as only a certain amount of lines gets sent to the client to save on bandwidth.

This was designed back when Minecraft itself didn’t do log rotations, so it was at risk of having to transmit megabytes upon megabytes.

Nowadays, with latest.log it’s less likely to have a huge file to send, but I don’t make much changes to the codebase now considering how many people now use MineOS, but so few are able/willing to test new code changes.

I think Robin_hood and I are experiencing something similar.

I obviously cannot clue you in to his situation, but I have tried to install the server distribution of Forge 1.7.10 (revision 1291? Maybe?) using

this guide. I followed this person’s guide almost to the letter, but didn’t have a Windows box available to me, so I used my Mac (which didn’t occur to me that I could do, I just accidentally clicked the Forge jar and it worked). I then realized I had no way to put the files and other gobbledygook onto the server other than using something like WinSCP as detailed in the guide, and so I managed to install Windows 7 alongside OS X to run WinSCP. I placed all these files in the directory of a server (world) I created to exclusively do TerraFirmaCraft, placing the files in /var/games/minecraft/Tfc and letting them run using a custom profile I created just like the guide detailed.

I suppose I am asking several questions.

a) is that guide teaching me the right way to run Forge?
b) will this setup run Forge? (It doesn’t appear to do so in the Console, but you said that is filtered)
c) will the Console log anything differently than the usual world-loading stuff of Vanilla MC once the Forge server is running? (I just like to see my stuff be able to work, XD)

Thank you for your time, @hexparrot

EDIT: one last question:
d) how do I delete custom jar profiles?

The appropriate directory for servers is /var/games/minecraft/servers/Tfc, where you missed the ‘servers’ part (at least here in the post).

I’ve created a guide, which i thought did just fine, here on the wiki. I also created one for forge-based packs such as Direwolf20.

I don’t see anything inherently wrong with the minuscraft instructions except that it seems to assume you will have Windows, which may not always be the case, as you’ve seen.

The console doesn’t filter, it just doesn’t send the whole file–just the last 100 lines. But of the last 100 lines, it’s all there, intact. The reasoning was that logfiles were able to get to tens or hundreds of thousands of lines back before log rotations and that would stall the whole UI.

No, the console log just transmits the last 100 lines of the file.

On the profiles page, hit ‘delete’, making sure no servers use that profile. Also, you can delete the section from the profiles.config file in /var/games/minecraft/profiles

Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt with the world directories. I only mis-wrote it here on the forums, fortunately; you were right.

I hadn’t noticed your guide before! Upon noticing it and following its steps, it definitely met my needs.

I used FileZilla for moving my mods into my server’s mods folder, but how would I do it in the command line, if I had wanted to?

Problem solved, by the way. ✓

depends on where you are moving the mods from

you can use scp if transferring from one linux machine (or cygwin) to another linux based machine.
if your moving files or folders locally you can use the mv command

you can find out more about the commands using either
info mv
man mv
info scp
man scp

:slight_smile: thanks! that should be enough to learn from. Particularly, I’m curious about plugging in a USB drive and transferring worlds that way.

Then you would use cp