World Importing (world resets after import)

After importing my world (using SFTP) to the /var/games/minecraft/import/ folder and hitting ‘Create server from Archive’, creating a server and running it in 1.18.1 (the version it ran on in single player), upon joining the world has been reset to a new world at a random seed. I also tried compressing the world folder and the same issue occurred.

If that is the case copy your world folder using sftp to the server folder.

I’ve not seen that happen yet.

Also tried this, same thing happened.

Are you able to upload the archive somewhere so that I may download and try?

I figured out what was wrong. Because it was made in world painter it was running on 1.17.1, and I tried running it on 1.18.1 and this is probably the cause of the issue. Loading it in singleplayer minecraft while in 1.18.1 then replacing the world files managed to fix it and allowed me to run on 1.18.1.