Wireless Conection

So I install my MineOS server on an other PC and I don’t know how to acces it from an other PC or an other place in the world.
My Router is A Dlink DIR-868L
I want to be able to control my server form my gaming PC!

You’ll need to port-forward the MineOS WebUI port, see here for your specific router port forwarding instructions. The port you’ll need to forward is 8080 and the IP is the the local IP of the server machine.

Can i connect from the outside with a diferent conection?

When you port forward, yes.

But when I put the port It tell me that this is an invalid port!! But how do i know wich loca address is for my other PC with Mine OS on it!

That is not the port, that is a LAN IP address. The port you want to forward is 8080, the lan IP you can see from the panel on the local computer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JwuFZ0jKE0&t=199 see in this video if you’re using TurnKey it is right there in the front.


Ok but went I try to put the Port it said you can’t leave the ip blank!!

Put the destination IP and the port in

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Ok thanks you it is working now!!