WInSCP Won't connect

I believe there is something wrong with the SFTP. I need to know how to reset.

What leads you to believe something is wrong with sftp?

when I try to connect with winscp it times out, I can connect with webui, I updated webui and restore settings for webui cause I was having issues with webui. It works fine now but lost the ablitty to connect with winscp.

Have you tried rebooting your server?

I have rebooted a few times

Hrm. Well STFP is really just SSH, literally. Are you able to putty into your server?

Have you made any recent changes to your firewall or config?

no recent changes to firewall or config files, I tested the connection at work to find out what I did wrong, I’m able to connect at works which means I messed up when I connected to the new HDD using the same account I used to connect to old HDD in winSCP. I can get the files I need so I can transfer to my new drive. I ave a work around now Thanks for the help.

From lots of reading I believe my issues is cause I used a putty key and I forgot the pass phrase so I can 't reload it, how do I delete it off my server so I can connect again.

When using putty keys, you’re typically just having to regenerate it (using PuTTygen, probably) and then place it in the appropriate file in your users home dir.

In the wiki, I put the steps I use for generating keys.

Removing existing authorized_keys probably is as easy as emptying out that file on your server, in your user’s home dir.

That said, in the future if you get errors like what a forgotten pass phrase might cause, e.g., ‘authorization failed’, you can usually take that as evidence that SSH/SFTP is working. In WinSCP you should be able to get all such errors, and you’ll want to post em here, to get to the root of things the most quickly possible.

but the error message I got was in timed out, which could also mean it was being blocked by a firewall of it not running.

If you get any error message, it’s important to include that when asking for help. Incidentally, timed out doesn’t really relate to putty keys…

I wasn’t getting any errors that’s why I thought something was wrong with SSH, to find out it was a firewall port change I made and forgot about, when I use the correct port number things work, Programs that save login info can cause many headaches if you need to re-install things