Windows Delete Permissions Problem

I have MineOS set up in a docker on Unraid. I am able to get a world going and import old worlds successfully. The problem I am having is being unable to delete files/plugins/world data from existing worlds in mineOS through Windows SMB share to my Unraid appdata folder. I can copy in new data just not delete current data. I imported a world that was a few years old and need to change out some of the plugins. I think I can get around this slowly by archiving the current world, and then copying it to my local machine to then delete the old plugin and copy in the new plugin, then import that world back as a new server instance.

I’m thinking I need a new user? How would I give my Windows machine this kind of permission?

The error I’m getting is:

That is SAMBA specific, you’d have to look into granting your Windows user full permissions and/or syncing SAMBA users with Unix users, or use something like WinSCP or FileZilla with SFTP/SSH.