Windows 10 MineOS Dual Boot

I followed this guide, but the pc doesn’t boot into the grub bootloader. Any tips/suggestions?

Dual-booting isn’t something I work with much, so I’m not sure I have much personal experience to share. But generally…

When installing MineOS Turnkey, are you installing the grub bootloader to the root or to the partitions? e.g., /dev/sda or /dev/sda1. I believe you’d want to install to /dev/sda, as that’s where the Windows bootloader is installed and if you installed to any partition (sda1, sda2, sdaX), that would never get loaded since Windows’ bootloader isn’t other-OS aware.

Alternatively, if you wanted to follow that guide to the letter, you could use that ISO and install the webui onto Debian 8 Jessie (as in, the official ISO).

It never gave me the option for where to install grub. And I was going to try installing the webui onto Debian 8, but I got tired of repeating the process of burning to a disc on my main PC and then putting it in my second PC and waiting for the install to find out it didn’t work anyways. I did try Ubuntu though, but it wasn’t accept my keyboard and mouse inputs. I ended up just giving up on it and I bought a second drive (got it used for $10) and I’ll just plop that in when it gets here.