Will Minecraft 1.8 changes require MineOS to be updated?

It appears Minecraft 1.8 is coming out September 2, 2014. Admittedly, I know nothing about what this means for the game in terms of new mechanics, protocol changes, filesystem layout changes, storage… so that’s where I need your help!

While I should be able to take care of the 1.8 stock profile without a problem, any changes to Minecraft that warrant a change to the web-ui I’m currently not aware of.

I’ve read over some of the talking points and I see that difficulty is per-world, which might make “difficulty” on server.properties obsolete (or will it remain just as a default?). These are the kinds of changes I’d like to hear from you all about: changes that necessitate web-ui updates to remain current.

Please, let me know!

One really good example was the EULA acceptance requirement. Even though it happened on a minor version update, many users ran into lots of problems thinking MineOS had broken, merely because the jarfile didn’t launch as the Youtube video showed. Having to change the file manually through SSH/SFTP to start a server would be a deal-breaker on MineOS for many first-time users if the EULA acceptance button weren’t then added. If you can think of any ways in which the operational flow of starting Minecraft servers is changing with 1.8, please post!

From what I was reading there are sliders of some kind that would be used on world generation to pick what types of biomes are present and to what extent.


Perhaps you can watch here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/1.8

But from what I know, he does not seem to be any major changes relative to server. At worst, we’ll see by testing :slight_smile:

I’ve added 1.8.0 to the stock profiles available in the web-ui. It appears that servers can be created and started without any further change or knowledge of new properties or protocols, so all is well.

For those of you that actually play the game, however, are any of the new attributes required to be set at the start (like how level-seed works), e.g., max-world-size?

Hi Hexparrot

When will 1.8 be available in the Web UI, and will I need to do something for it to show up?
Tried creating a custom profile with 1.8, but it doesn’t work.


Updating the Webui

Instructions for updating the WebUI can be found within the MineOS Wiki. I’ve provided a handy link above.

I had to look it up myself, so I figured that I’d share.


Hi William

Thanks for the quick reply.
I’ve already looked at the guide you provided, but since I have forgotten my root password, I was hoping for a way to update through the WebUi.

I think I will just do a complete reinstall of MineOS and write down the root password this time.:slight_smile:

Thanks again:)

In any case, it is better to hold your root password :slight_smile:

Remember, MineOS Turnkey–like any other Linux out there–have methods for root password resetting. They all typically just have you boot in to “single user mode” which is an option upon boot and hinge on the fact that if you’re seeing the “boot to single user mode” option, you’re a legitimate admin of the machine and thus should be able to change it.

In the future, you may consider such a route since it will be less volatile (less downtime, too) and is a fairly rewarding educational experience.

Thanks for the input:)
It was faster for me to install a new server and import the old worlds. Gave me a chance to move the install onto an SSD as well.
Downtime is not a big deal since its just me and my friends on this server.:slight_smile:

I found something to add to for 1.8!
When you select the “gamemode” when creating a server, add the new gamemode “spectator” (3).

Edit : It is useless, sorry.

Not knocking your feature request, but how do you envision a server being used where users can only use it within spectator mode?


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Yes I was thinking about it this morning xD
It is useless, sorry.

I was genuinely curios. I could see it having uses.

For example some of these Private Servers with hugely popular Casters might have Followers auto join their servers within Spectator Mode only. Tango Tek comes to mind.

True users of the Server would then get elevated rights upon authentication against some Whitelist.

Other uses i was thinking of would be for Minecraft classrooms, where example mini-servers would be hosted and users could see working examples of projects, etc.


I wouldn’t be so quick to jump ship. Gamemode was a property I found relevant enough to add to the “create a server” workflow and “spectator” was relevant enough to be created in 1.8. For the sake of completeness, it seems very appropriate to have “Spectator (3)” added to the dropdown, regardless of its apparent usefulness.

I addressed this in a commit today. To me, this feels like a “read only” gamemode, which seems like it has usefulness!

My largest concern is that it is not backward compatible (1.7- doesn’t support this mode), so hopefully the few times people do choose to use this gamemode, they’ll know already its 1.8 and beyond only. Luckily, I’ve found that older jars still run with server.properties “gamemode=3”, though it’s unclear which it’s falling back on.

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