Why does the ip, my friends are connecting to the server with, keep changing and how do i stop that?

soo yesterday when i typed “whats my ip” in google there was a different ip than today, thats really annoying becuase when my friends want to join they allways need the new ip.
is there any fix for this?

So, your IP will change because it is not a “static IP”. Most Internet providers will provide “dynamic IP” to their customers. There are many reasons why they might do this - for a detailed explanation of the why, see https://www.howtogeek.com/163747/why-do-isps-change-your-ip-address/

As to a fix, there could be a few options, depending on how much time / effort / money you want to shell out.

A quick fix would be to contact your Internet provider and pay for a static IP address. Depending on the carrier, this usually costs around $15 a month.

Another possible “fix” would be to instead use a DNS name instead of an IP address. You could use a service like porkbun.com or goDaddy, squarespace, etc - lots of domain registrars out there - buy a domain, then create a DNS record to point the name to an ip address. So like “discourse.codeemo.com” points an ip address - and your friends would enter the name instead of numbers.

The problem with the DNS fix is you would still have to frequently check your IP and update it manually on your nameservers. So, you could use a Dynamic DNS service such as https://dyndnss.net/eng/ - or many others out there.

There are also a few tricks with scripting you could do to make your own domain name update itself.
Back in the day, I used to use a Python script to update my goDaddy DNS records: https://pypi.org/project/pygodaddy/ - but there other similar projects around out there.

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This is something your Internet-supplier controls. You can ask them for a reserved IP so that it stays the same. They may deny you this (siting your agreement and not eainting servers running from private customers) or demand exta payment.

The other route is using a dynamic DNS solution that updates each time your IP changes, so that your friends use the same adress each time.

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my router has a option called dynDNS is that the same thing?

Yes, but it needs to connect to a dyn-dns service on the internet

I have been using a free dynamic DNS service that has bee working pretty good. Their “catch” is that each month, I have to renew my account. But that is not complicated and the send out reminders 1 week in advance.

My router has the support for NoIP, but there’s others out there.

I use duckdns. It’s a dynamic dns service and I’ve been using it for a while and haven’t had trouble when I was running a server on windows, and it was pretty painless to setup for mineos (I use dietpi). It’s free for non commercial use afaik