Whitelisting noob question

I run a small minecraft server using Mineos for myself and a few friends. all was running smoothly until today when I got on and noticed the server had been griefed. I checked the server logs and three accounts I had never given my server IP to had joined and just went to town. learning that I would like to add a whitelist to my server. I now have online mode set to true, as well as whitelist and enforce whitelist. but when I go to add usernames to the whitelist via an ssh client like this:
“root@mineos-tkldev ~# whitelist add [username]”
I get this as a response:
“-bash: whitelist: command not found”
I know its got to be something simple I’m forgetting to do please help.

I figured it out. Anyone with the same issue, instead of using an ssh client like putty just type in the commands in the log on the web user interface. Refer to the post above for the commands referenced.

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Because you need to use screen or tmux or just rcon into the server if you want to do it with the shell. You were sending the command to your OS so it does not know what to do with that command.