Which os for MineOS

I have a pc that has pentium 3 and 512mb of ram. I try to use it as a stand alone server of MineOS. Which os would be the best for it? I tried freeBSD but I’ve been still getting errors on a client in LAN. In fact it has been no resolving of them on the net. Such as java exeptions, old session etc. So perheaps I need to change os.
Thank you

is a p3 good enough to run a minecraft server?

You should try the standard mineos turnkey. It is based in debian. In fact it is pure debian with mineos scripts. Live cd so you can test it.

Thanks for replys Hexaparrot and Azodon.

I have installed MineOS on FreeBSD 10.1 on Celeron E1600 512 of DDR2 but Minecraft has not started yet. Still getting Failed to login: Invalid Session. Restarting both client and server but not helped. The error: http://screenshot.net/m1xqvc2.jpg

Any ideas?

Sorry this got left behind. In the future, if the nature of the post changes (error, rather than inquiry), feel free to open a new post instead–makes it easier to keep track of ongoing issues.

That said, if you don’t have it resolved already, one likely cause for this error is the system time is off…if the time is off, bios clock or system time–sessions won’t match up and errors like this crop up.

Hi, Hexparrot

I set correct time and that did not worked. Still the same error.