Where can I find my worlds seed?

I created a great world that my friends and I are enjoying. I wanted to find the seed but when I looked in the gamers server directory there was no level.dat file to get the seed from.

Can anyone please help me find the seed?

Thanks for your help

First place to look is in the server.properties. Look for the variable “Level-seed”. If you prefilled your own seed this is where you find it. Most Seed calculators are able to use that as seed, even though that is just a value that are calculated to the real seed.

If you did not fill a value for “level-seed” when you created your server the level.dat is placed in the following directory:
/var/games/servers/(the name of your server)/world

After that you need NBTExplorer to be able to read the level.dat to find the seed in the file: https://github.com/jaquadro/NBTExplorer/releases

If you gave your server a different level name (variable “level-name” in server.properties) the correct level.dat will be placed in a folder with the name you entered for “level-name”, not world…


By the way: If you did not fill the seed, the default seed used is your system time at server creation. Once a seed is generated, it is generated. Adding a seed after startup has no effect (then the default seed has been used)

edit: read more about seeds here: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Seed_(level_generation)

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Thanks for your help. I was able to find the seed and got everything working well.

The seed was -4894621138425454745

It spawns you next to a village and some nearby mines that have TONS of iron.

Thank you for your help!

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Why not just use the /seed command :laughing:


Oooh. Nice.
I didn’t know about that one. Should have known of it after browing through minecraft commands more than a few times, but it slipped through for me:)

Then again, most users in here are MineOS admins, and quite a few are a parent running a server for their kid(s), and not necesarily well versed in Minecraft;D

Thank you for the tip!

I tried using the “seed” command from a Mac that connected to my mineos server (on a pc) and I got the message that I did not have the permission to use the command

The user using the /seed command need to be admin and op. A “normal” user will not be able to use any commands on your server.

Any command you use while logged into the WebUI (on the bottom of the log of the spesific game server) will be fired off as an admin or op command. For a user that is logged in as a player on your server, you need to grant that user op status to be able to use any commands. (using the /op [username] command)

edit: Gaah… Never be dead tired when you answer forum posts:D Just correcting some awful spelling…

thank you!!!

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2021 y sirve, lo quiero usar para mi primer mundo q se me corronpio y para solucionarlo q que todo quede como esta nececito la seed