What's the status of MineOS?

Hi @hexparrot,

You’ve done some fantastic work here and I was just curious as to whether you’re still actively maintaining MineOS? I noticed there are quite a few PRs open, a bunch of issues, and some upcoming required updates to the Turnkey ISO (e.g. new Java version required for 1.17). Is there a pipeline in place for building the Turnkey ISO?

Are you still actively maintaining the repo? Do you need help? I don’t mind forking and making my own changes, but it doesn’t seem worthwhile to merge them back if PRs aren’t being actively reviewed and accepted.


I’m not the developer, just a regular user, and have been an active member of the community. @hexparrot has been updating MineOS, as time permits (if I can be so bold to speak on his behalf).
Becoming an part of this forum, is a good way to see new updates and changes. Also contributing and sharing experiences you’ve had will be widely received.

Welcome to the group!