What restorpoint copy, why don't recover blocks change

Please tell me what restorpoint exactly copy.

Because I have problem with my server. I was do upgrade to 1.20 from 1.19 and my file was broken. Server automatically back to last full archive. I have restore point from every day. So I started restoring it one by one and for equipment it works. But map/blocks not changing.

Restore don’t backup a map/blocks change?

Partial, or incremental, backups (restorepoints) only copies files that have changed on disk, not files that are active in the servers memory.

Usually a “save-all” command should be triggered each time someone quits the server, and in addition periodically it this is configured. This usually saves all active files to disc.

Your best shot is to keep restoring until you pass a restorepoint made after a save operation that saved all files to disk.

Be advised that if your server ran out of diskspace it would neither be able to add new restore-points, or save active files in memory to disk. Files that where unsaved in memory, and not able to be saved to disk at the point of shutdown or before a partial backup will be lost as they are lost when the active memory is emptied.

So you write that my problem exist because the server don’t save the files from server memory?

Why save-all don’t doing each time someone quits the server?

Because for this time i have empty for this box:
So save-all it was off. But should after player logout…

Usually yes, but that is not a MineOS feature, that is a minecraft server feature.

I think lost in translation here, Save all is not backing up server files @krump. As @iMelsom mentioned it is a Minecraft feature.

I think you have miss understood the two. Save all just writes stuff to disk before stopping the server.

To clarify:
MineOS backup & Archiving features are based on the operating system feature / application rsync and ordinary file compression utilities (gzip, tarball and so on). This only handles files written to and stored to disk, and may or may not copy open or otherwise locked files, depending on rights and file lock status. This is to prevent corrupt or partial files from else-wise invalidation a backup.

Save-all is a function and feature in the minecraft server. It handles writing active server files in memory to disk for storage. All and any map changes is first made in memory and only stored there until they are written to disk.

This means that any changes made only in files active in memory and not written to disk at the time a backup or archive are made will not be added to the backup files.

I am not saying that this is what happened to you, but it would explain it.

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I know I know. Yup maybe I don’'t write in english clearly. Save all is only to offload ram to disk. And restores and archiove only care of disk data.

Yes, yes, exactly it happening to me. I don’t know that minecraft server don’t offload RAM to disk. Last six month I was thing that happening after exiting all players from server, but itt doesn’t. I have 3-4 month data on RAM memory. Now I set “save all” on MineOS. But still wondering why MC Server wasn’t doing offload after players exiting.

In the MineOS console, under the mnecraft server logs there is a input where you can send commands to the server.

There you can force a save-all byt simply writing save-all

If your minecraft user has admin or OP status on the miencraft server you can also force a save-all by writing /save-all inside the game. (remember the slash)

yea yea, I know that everything. But still why save-all don’t doing after all player leave server if this a MC server function

That is a good question, and outside MineOS’s control other than that save-all setting that only asks mineos to periodically force a save-all if the minecraft server do not do it itself.

You could try to send the command save-on in case autosave has been disabled

Be adviced: This is minecraft functions in the minecraft server itself, wich MineOS has no hand in developing. This is Mojang/Microsoft territory (or the ones making the modded server if you do not use vanilla)

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Did you see this? I was did this, and server says that is already turned on :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

My server is on Paper-1.19-81 actually

Then it depends on if paperspigot has done something that interferes with the vanilla base server that is mods. They also have a autosae setting in their bukkit.yml.

Please see Paper Per World Configuration | PaperMC Documentation

As you could save manually it seems this is not disk related, but related to the spigot server jar, and outside MineOS’s direct control or responsibility.

In bukkit as you si is 6000 tics so 6000 * 50ms (1tick is 50ms - minecraft doc)/ 1000ms (do convert to seconds / 60 (convert to minuts) = 5min
To server should save-all over 5min, but it didn’t :expressionless:

Yeah. seems like your autosave settings fail or are ignored.
I can imagine two filesystem related possible reasons:

  1. Disk full, there is no room for saving files
  2. rights issue, the running server do not have the right to write to disk.

General tips: never use the root user to log into MineOS to manage servers as this leads to all kind of rights issues

  1. Nach… Disk space is ok:
  2. Rights are ok. It’s run as docker, and space on /srv is full rughts for root. MineOS run server dockers as root and write everything in disk, but don’t do autosave.Actually in MineOS webui I set 360min for force auto save and its working. So rights are fine.

I don’t know what is wrong. I think the problem is in running docker and settings of minecraft server or in paper engine.