What is the username for the https:

I cant seem to find the username for the mineos page can anyone help me find it?

It’s the same username and password you would use for ssh. Use a username that isn’t root, preferably.

What does that mean do I make up a username in the admin login? Could you send a screen shot or make a video on how to login that would make it so much easier

For starters, it is entirely unsure how you have deployed MineOS.

Did you use the MineOS Turnkey Iso? Are you using your own install of some Linux distro?

If you installed from the MineOS Turnkey ISO, then you set the password for the user mc right here: https://youtu.be/3JwuFZ0jKE0?t=146

If you installed the MineOS webui on top of a different Linux distro (like Ubuntu server), then you will sign in with the username you created during that installation. MineOS uses the users that Linux uses.

hey i found out the username thanks to you but what is the sftp login for WinZip I cant find it and i already have a server setup

All accounts on the server should use the same. Unless you setup the account on your owlet build and restrict sFTP access, the username and password are the same.

well i found my root for sftp but my root password isnt working
with the sftp is there a way to change it or the sftp password?

i got it thanks everyone