What is happening to the Wiki?

When trying to access the old wiki it just redirects to the new one i did allude to this a while back in another thread but no one really offered any insight into what the status is.

Does this mean that the old one is going away at some point? or you are in the works of migrating towards the new version atm?

For posterity reasons i guess? Below is the old wiki archived for those that still want to reference it as it has much good info on it still.

There is very little from the old wiki that doesn’t exist on the new wiki, where it is relevant.

The old wiki contains content about obsolete ways to use earlier MineOS iterations, and how to use really domain-specific (and no longer preferrable methods) instructions, like using virtual machines on Windows–or using windows-based file transfer clients.

Instructions like this ought not to be set in stone with screenshots, but instead relegated to the apps themselves to demonstrate and show how the app is used. Of course, conventions like where things should be found on the filesystem would therefore belong on the wiki.

Realistically, relying on–and maintaining–this additional wiki seems to be of marginal value at best–and removing confusing links about CRUX, VMware, Virtualbox, seems like a net-gain for digesting all this info.

I’d be interested in knowing what pages you find are still technically relevant and current that exist in the old wiki, and I can see about moving some to the new wiki.

I understand the old wiki has a lot of outdated information mainly about the depreciated iterations which will be confusing to some people probably newer people. Hence the shift to the new wiki makes sense.
I was just mainly relaying that there was and is an older wiki for historical purposes so if people want to reference it then they can i guess MineOS will still be attracting new people still. I mean the new wiki was barren for a while it has improved lately hence i guess now is the time to say goodbye to the old one.

I probably didn’t realize when i wrote this thread initially, about the newer wiki being updated because i just checked it now and it seems like it has everything someone would need to know but this was not the case last time i looked at it.