What folders do I need to import into the MineOS "import" folder?

I used to have a server running on MineOS on another computer, and I needed to move it to a better computer, so I went and saved the /var/games/minecraft folder as a zip file and put it on my personal computer. The problem is that I don’t know exactly what folders need to be imported into the import folder, and through what method? I tried putting the minecraft.zip file in there, since I’m pretty sure I saw somewhere on this forum that you need to put in zip files, but do I need to zip all of the folders inside the minecraft folder, or just some? I know there are folders such as import, archive, server, profiles, etc. Which ones do I need to include in the zip file to successfully import my server?

the /var/games/minecraft directory contains all user generated files for MineOS, that includes backups, archives, import, servers and so on.

In /var/games/minecraft there is a subdirectory called /servers that contains the minecraft servers in directories named after the server name.

One solution when you allready have /var/games/minecraft in one zip is to replace the contens of that directory with the contents in the zip. Be warned though, you need to make sure to apply the correct user and group owenrship on all the files.

Another solution is to unpack the zip on another computer, then repack only the server directories you need in separate zips, then transfer that (smaller) zip to the import directory in /var/games/minecraft . Then you can use the import function. This method will make sure all owernship settings are correct automagically.

So I’m not sure if I understood everything correctly, but it seems like I need only the /servers subdirectory in the zip file?

Yes. you need each folder under the /server subdir as a zip, as each sub dir under the /server dir containcs a single server

So if I only have one server in that folder, for example “server1”, I would only need to zip servers/server1, right?

that is correct. Only that. (had to pass minimum word count to reply)

For some reason, it seems it’s importing stuff it doesn’t need to, or putting it into the wrong directory, thus generating a new server with the files from the old one inside the new server, but not in use. Have a look at these screenshots. Is the issue that the directory for the server being imported (Davidandbogdan2023) different than the name I set in the WebUI (2023RandomSurvivalWorld)?

It seems that when your server was zipped it took the server root directory as well, so that when MineOS unzips it it first creates a server driectory named for your server, then dumps the content wit the current driectory structure, which means that extra layer. I think you may need to zip the serverdirectory content from inside teh server directory, not from the outside