WebUI updates to MineOS docker

Hi all,

Recently found hexparrot’s MineOS-Node docker on unRAID (excellent!), and it’s installed, up and running perfectly, except that I can’t seem to update it.

unRAID shows an update pending, but when updating, it doesn’t actually pull any new data.

The target repo is listed as - hexparrot/mineos:node-jessie. I’ve tried changing this to mineos:latest, but then I get “Error: Tag latest not found in repository docker.io/hexparrot/mineos”. I assumed the syntax was “user/repo:branch”, but apparently that’s not the case. Current WebUI commit is bea277f.

It’s probably something simple I’m not understanding. While familiar with Git, Dockers are foreign to me.

Thanks in advance!

The commit you’re using is relatively recent, and it will be updated soon. I made some big npm dependency changes that use a lot of updated versions (which is a good thing), but sometimes can come with unexpected new issues. Once a few more days and confirmed cases that “all is well” with these interoperating pieces, the docker image will be updated.

Great to hear! Not being familiar with Docker, why would unRAID show and update pending (because that commit is no longer the head, I assume?) and not update?