WebUI unavailable

I recently went out on a mapping quest and revealed a ton of my world. Since then, I cannot access WebUI. This also happened after I tried loading Dynmap, so I’m guessing it has something to do with number or size of files on the server. Can anyone assist troubleshooting? I’ve looked over the log but found nothing.

It’s 100% the number of files on your server that Dynmap created. MineOS tries to do some simple things like checking file counts, etc. Dynmap creates such an enormous amount of files that your host becomes bottlenecked while it tries to process the filesize of each tiny file created.

Moving the dynmap elsewhere on the filesystem or using a database seems to resolve this issue. See this post:

Ok, thanks. So I hear you on the Dynmap thing, which is why I removed it. But then after that fact and returning to normal functionality, just naturally running around my world (relatively far) has resulted in loss of connectivity as well.