Webui/Spigot Update Issue

I am running the Turnkey OS and I have an issue where any spigot build I download, it fails to create all the directories and download the BuildTools.jar. I followed instructions on updating, resetting and reinstalling the webui. Looking at the wiki, I don’t see a mineos service running but the webui is working for everything else. I can manually download the BuildTools into a manually created (named correctly) directory and have the webui run BuildTools into the created server.

Edit: I should specify the error I get when attempting to download the Spigot (or any) profile is
“BuildTools.jar compilation failed
Error undefined (undefined): undefined”

I believe at the time that the ISO was made, it had a different URI for Buildtools than is being used right now.

I do believe that the URI is fixed on modern updates which you can get with instructions from the wiki.

With a restart of your webui, the correct URI would be available and BuildTools will compile.

Thank you! I know I updated darn near everything, from the link you just provided, and for several other things I could, including the OS.

I think I’ll just start from fresh (which is no big deal for me). Which operating system would you prefer/recommend?

if you arent going with turnkey, my personal preference is ubuntu.

I like the idea of the turnkey, plus Hexparrot I think does an excellent job keeping packages updated/working with kernel updates.

I also solved my issue by editing my DNS setting! All the guides show going to the old resolvconf file. But this just a temp file pulling information from the new files. Under /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d there are three files named base, head and tail. I set my DNS to a specified one inputting
nameserver x.x.x.x
And my server webpage was FINALLY able to resolve and download profiles.
Mark as solved!