WebUI Request - Sortable columns in dashboard

Just something I’ve been thinking for a while might be nice.

The ability to sort servers by a column (Name, Port, Status, etc.)

I usually keep old servers around in case people want to look back on work they’ve done, and I try to name them such that they appear somewhat logically within the webUI, but it would be nice to be able to re-order them. Ideally the default column and sort order (asc./dec.) would be remembered as well.

Anyone any thoughts?

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I really like this idea, but was unable to implement it in the past (and now too, after retrying).

The operative line here is in index.html:

ng-repeat="(server_name, instance) in servers"

changes to

ng-repeat="(server_name, instance) in servers | orderBy:server_name"

This change should have made the server name the ordering criteria–and, when that worked, extend it to a variable modifiable via clicking in the webui. However, for me, the orderBy directive never worked. Perhaps there are other ways to sort it, but this seemed like the official “do it this way for best results” approach according to the documentation so I kinda ran into a wall.

If you’re able to make a change that gets the intended effects (of sorting), I’d happily attack it again to make it so that any column is sortable.

I’ve never been able to get Angular to click with me, so I’m not sure how much help I’d be, but the couple of examples I’ve had a google for seem to do things differently.