Webui profiles

Good day all, been a while since I been here, between covid crap, working projects not much spare time. I hope everyone is well! Quick question: I am looking to spin up a modded 1.18.1 server as I have gotten all the achievements in vanilla except tame all cat variants but who needs that lol so last night I ran webui update using the convenience script:

cd /usr/games/minecraft

/bin/bash update_webui.sh

I notice forge is back (yay but didnt bother me that it was gone lol), but now I see paper is no longer listed:

Is this a bug, intentional or should I update another way?

I could always download the latest version of paper and up it to my mineos server but just curious. Thanks and have a good day, be safe and well everyone!

If you’ve got the latest version of the webui it should load paper, travertine and waterfall. From the top right menu on the page please tell me the commit number and also choose to refresh profiles. It will take a few moments to refresh so please give it like 10 seconds. I think you can watch it in the CLI by typing
tail /var/log/mineos.log
You may need to run it as sudo.
Press Q to close the tail.

commit is: 11fa164:

I always do work server side as su this way no permission issues, will follow up more tomorrow have few work items to finish, but thanks for the reply

That’s actually pretty old.
You’ll need to update to the latest. I suggest shutting down the mineos service and re-running the update webui script.
The most recent is 4c1b43a.

Thanks for the reply, was finally able to work on and got up to the latest, have a good day