Webui permissions settings (solved)

I’m having what seems to be a common problem with my permissions on my Manjaro install, but I have been unable to fix it as of yet after scouring the interwebs.

I have my unprivileged user named ‘miner’ that is a part of the ‘mc’ group. This is the user that I have always used to create any servers or login to the webui. Everything was working fine upon initial install, but after running updates, the server stopped working because I was using the wrong node.js version.

I finally got that fixed, but now I can only login to the webui and none of it works. I cannot see any servers or even the git commit version. I had it all working the other day, but my kid came by and shut down my server and I can’t remember what I did to get it working. It seems for me, the init script isn’t working. Systemd will not start the server and I have to go and manually start it everytime. This is fine, but if I remember correctly (I was clocking 3 months of uptime on this server) The way I got it working before was by somehow starting the server without the systemd script as a unprivileged user.

I have the all of the server and backup folders in /usr/games/minecraft owned by miner:mc right now but I cannot get it to work with a miner:miner ownership either. Also I’m wondering who should own the files in /usr/games/minecraft? Does it matter? Any help would be appreciated, I am so confused. I have all my server files so I could just start with a turnkey install and start fresh, but I would much rather figure this out.

Well, excuse my dumb/drunk self, I figured out my own problem, kinda.

So If I run service.js through node, it works just fine, however through Systemd it doesn’t. The only version of Node I have installed is 8.0.0 so I’m still not exactly sure what is going on there. The reset_ui.sh and update_ui.js build just fine using node 8.0.0. It It seems that mineos is still trying to use 12.whatever to run, but only through Systemd. So thats still a thing I’ll have to figure out.

Moral of the story: make sure Node.js v8.0.0 is the only version you are running on your system and all other versions are removed

The systemd init scripts hardcode the path /usr/bin/node into the scripts. It could be that with multiple node installations, you’re wanting an alternate binary to run, e.g., /usr/local/bin/node–or any other number of valid locations it could exist at.

If MineOS is trying to run 12.x, check if /usr/bin/node is your copy of node 12, and if so, update the initscript to point to the exact node path you want that matches 8.0’s.

It’s probably the case that that initscript should say /usr/bin/env node, but I’m wary of making changes this late in the game since I no longer do much work on the node codebase.