WebUI not showing servers after changing directory with symbolic link

I recently followed the steps (Secondary Storage Question) on how to get MineOS to read from a different location. I followed the steps correctly and MineOS IS reading from the symbolic link. I know this because my downloaded profiles are correctly identified in MineOS and newly downloaded profiles get placed where they should. In addition, archives placed in the import folder show up in the WebUI. Lastly, a server I had set to start on boot is live as confirmed by being able to log onto it as a Minecraft player.

Despite all of these things working, the Web UI will not display any servers in the dropdown or on the dashboard. It says 0 servers running although the load averages, ram usage, and ability to actually log onto the server prove otherwise.

I’m not sure how to solve this as the only thing that changed was the /var/games/minecraft directory changing from a directory to a symbolic link.

I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work with a symbolic link, but you might instead just change the config entry in mineos.conf:

base_directory = '/var/games/minecraft'

I just tried that, and the same thing is happening. I copied my old files somewhere else to test with empty default directories (archive, backup, etc). I then tried to create a new server, but again no name in the dropdown or dashboard. It does show the side tabs for server settings, backup and restore, and logging. In the Server Status tab and under the Delete Server header the paths read like this:

Delete Archives: undefined/archive/testing
Delete Restore Points: undefined/backup/testing
Delete Live Server Files: undefined/servers/testing

so I think that may show part of the problem.

EDIT: I tried some more troubleshooting and followed the steps I found here: Possible change of location(path) for the server files - #2 by JayMontana36.
After numerous restarts and moving files and directories around nothing has changed. It might be important to note that the new base directory location is part of a cifs share.

More than likely it may have to do with improperly configured permissions; MineOS’ WebUI hides servers that are not owned by (or are not part of a group associated with) the currently logged in user. Use “chown -R user:group /path/to/directory/” and/or “chmod -R 775 /path/to/directory/” to correct/fix this.

I’ve never done any testing on remotely-mounted shares, so that does introduce a slew of possibilities that I’ve never had formally tested.

What’s your CIFS mount command, including the -o options?