Webui IP address issues

Hello I have been using mineos for a little while and I was wondering if I could figure out the webui’s ip without a monitor because for some reason the webui seems to change for example it started as then it changed to 8 instead of 18 and then it changed again but i’m unsure of what to and I am unable to check with a monitor because I do not have a spare one.


Any Linux distribution (whether MineOS Turnkey or Ubuntu, etc), can set its IP address through a few ways. The most likely way that an IP address is allocated to your server is via DHCP, and the preferred way is through a static IP address.

With DHCP, your Linux server–upon startup–polls your network and asks for an IP address. Your router (modem/router hybrid) will hear this request and issue it an IP based on availability in the range 192.168.1.x.

It is customary that the router will remember your Minecraft server’s MAC address (for the ethernet card) and issue it the same IP every single time one is requested. This is what’s supposed to happen.

If, for whatever reason, you find that your IP address is changing and you’re not doing anything to make that happen, you can eliminate the possibility of a dynamic IP address by telling Linux to work on with a fixed IP address.

There’s two ways this can be done:

  1. From the server itself, tell Linux to always operate on a static IP address.
    With MineOS Turnkey, the option for a static IP address is on the start-up menu.
    With any other distro, follow their specific instructions for setting a static IP.
  2. From the router, tell it to always issue the IP address to the MAC address it sees requesting an IP. In router speak, this is often called static dhcp or dhcp reservation.

I’d recommend #1, though both might be equally plausible.

Thank you very much for replying ill try that first thing tomorrow morning.