WebUI Freezing constantly

The WebUI is freezing instantly when I sing into the user account that manages the servers, however if I sign in as root it runs fine with no freezing, the freezing is very annoying and tends to crash the Webpage and I have to then restart the web browser. If it doesn’t freeze it will load the web page VERY VERY slowly and will take literally 5 minutes just to load the index page of the WebUI, and won’t allow me to click anywhere. The MineOS log doesn’t output anything.

Update, it seems that when my factions server is online, the WebUI freezes and does the stuff above.

Since it works with root, and not the non elevated MC user:
Have you done any tasks in the WebUI or the background (via SSH or SFTP) as root? Since the WebUI uses the credetials and rights of the logged in user to get files and directories it may get stuck on files it need that have the wrong user rights assigned.

Your minecraft servers themselves are not usually down if the WebUI crashes. The webUi runs as a service on your linux box, while the servers are run un a separate sceen management and has it’s own environment. The only way for the servers to die is java-crash, or if the entire OS crashes. If your servers are startet they most likely works as they should even thoug the WebUI crashes. This opens for a workaround: in your server.config set the autostart property to true, and your server autostart when you power up your computer.

I’ve given all rights to the MC user to the entire mineos directory that houses the servers, profiles, backups, etc.
As I said above the factions server I have is the problem, not sure what is the problem with it, but if it’s online it freezes everything.

More than likely this is because your factions server is not appropriately responding to the “ping” that MineOS uses to get information about how many users are only for that server, etc.

In order for MineOS to know, it sends a very specific packet to the server and parses its response. 10/10 times the hangup you’re experiencing is because of this; it’s entirely possible that your specific server software is using a non-standard ping, which some Forge mods have been known to do, etc., or other server softwares do not implement (this is an official Mojang protocol ping, mind you).

root doesn’t have the issue because it’s not pinging servers it doesn’t manage (mc manages this server, thus mc experiences the slowdown).

Can you provide information about the exact server software/package you’re using for this server? Perhaps I can attempt to reproduce the issue, then fix it–or at least make it so that MineOS can identify bad server responses and operate as expected.

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