WebUI Freezes

Al;right been running a small server for awhile now. I can SSH into the server, access all the files with FileZilla but when it comes to the webUI, I can login, it takes me to the console, then it freezes.
I can click like add a new server, I tried to do that but then… nothing happened. The server properties, restore point tabs all popped up on the left but I can’t do anything. All my previous servers will not show up, all of them are in FileZilla.

When I manually turn off the PC that is running the server and turn it back on, I quickly login to MineOS and it says 15GBs of RAM Free, then, after it freezes, I log back in and it says 13GBs, than 12GBs and freezes then it just keeps going down. Thought maybe one of my plugins was messing with it, so I removed that and nothing.
( I had to manually shut down the server before all this happened because there was 256MB of RAM free out of 16, which was weird )
Actually, I login to the WEBUI and it says 11.5 GB Free, than it will sometimes load for a second and keeps going down or it will freeze at 11.5.Once it went to 10GBs ect. ’

None of my servers are set to start on startup. I don’t know what to do.
Edit- The only plugins I have are Dynmap and Orefuscator ( Orebfuscator is now deleted )

Alright a final thing I have to note is now that I have deleted Dynmap and everything with it, the WEBUI will load but now my server won’t start. I click Start and nothing happens

Have you updated the webui?

This might be related to a crash from a recently-broken profile. Updating the webui is the best first step anytime any problems occur.

I recently updated it to fix the 1.10.2 issue to the latest version.
I fixed the freezing issue, I think that was because dynmap somehow took up the rest of my HDD I am using ( 240GB ) because it was installed + had a backup. Will have to learn how to optimize that a bit better.
Although, I still have an issue. Even after removing plugins something is still causing my memory to go down.
At the moment it says 6.5GBs free out of 16GBs. Only one server is that is using 1.2GB’s of RAM. The OS uses 1GB, 2.2GB’s. Where the hell is the other 8GBs?
Also, it isn’t freezing atm but just super laggy.

A few things:

  1. Have you rebooted the server since your update to see if the memory still goes down?
  2. Are all the dynmap files still present–both in the live directory (and subsequently the backup directory?)

I have deleted all the dynmap files, both in the live and backup directory.
I shut the server down yesterday and a few nights before that just to make sure that wasn’t the problem[quote=“hexparrot, post:5, topic:1480”]

  1. Have you rebooted the server since your update to see if the memory still goes down?2) Are all the dynmap files still present–both in the live directory (and subsequently the backup directory?)

Can you confirm that you have rebooted your host–not just the Minecraft servers–since updating the webui?

After the reboot, does the memory leak persist?

Yes, I physically shut the entire host PC down and turn it back on.
All the RAM shows up, then it slowly goes down. It’s still about 7-8GBs missing.

Can you check the command line top to see what process is using up all the space?

33 Hours since I last shutdown host PC

It would help more if I could see all of the top stats, namely how all the caches and RAM was used.

I have no idea what is wasting 7+ gb of RAM with the information I have available in that screenshot.

All the information above the highlighted bar in the 2nd picture I put?

We don’t have access to your machine, so when we have very little information (because you crop it out), it just equates to having less information to give informed advice with.

None of the memory information is dangerous to share publicly–but that information is pretty critical if you want us to figure out what’s causing memory issues.

Are you sure you caught all the excess files that was cluttering your drive? You can use things like df and df -i (and share that information with us) to help find out your HDD usage more accurately.

Also, you can run find /var/games/minecraft | wc -l to get a file count of all the files within the minecraft base dir.

That said, there’s not a lot we can speculate about what’s causing the leak with what we have. I can’t even tell if the screen shot is after days of uptime or 5 minutes.