Webui down, need to figure out how to use mineos_console.js commands

the Webui stopped working over a week now, nothing I have done or was asked to do seems to help, the original topic they stopped responding on helping me figure it out. I would love to start with deleting and rebuilding server from archive before I do a fresh install of MineOS. I have no issue stopping starting and creating archives from mineos_console.js just have not figured out how to create a server from an archive

cd /usr/games/minecraft
chmod +x mineos_console.js
./mineos_console.js -s MYSERVERNAME archive

also, you can replace archive with any other action:

./mineos_console.js -s MYSERVERNAME {start,stop,backup, etc.}

I have not ran this command, chmod +x mineos_console.js. But I think you did not understand. I can run all those commands, but I need to be able to delete the server and create it again via command line. Is that possible


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