WebUI crashing

I’m having an issue where the WebUI crashes and i’m not sure what the log is trying to tell me.

OS: Ubuntu 14


So I can do some digging–how large are you server directories, roughly?

Are you using dynmap?

I do use dynmap but the map is located outside of the server directory to avoid large backups.

8.5G servers/DextopiaCraftbukkit
64M servers/Bungee
46M servers/Hub
371M servers/DexTek
150M servers/SkyDex
442M servers/Regrowth
9.5G servers

I think the new server detection changes is the problem, every commit after e1d02e66dbe553766f6e454d21668481cbc9ccdb causes the crash.

Are you sure it only works back until e1d02e66?

Because 100% of that code is again rewritten in https://github.com/hexparrot/mineos-node/commit/08667ddfc94a1ad1ce22392c5801fff87f474cb7

My mistake, it looks like a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6 is the last commit that doesn’t crash. I will continue to test a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6 for an extended period of time.

    e1d02e66dbe553766f6e454d21668481cbc9ccdb - working
    08667ddfc94a1ad1ce22392c5801fff87f474cb7 - crash
    91abef611ee35084f59a939131113964f6c866d7 - working
    2dfbd0a93b585d3eb3d436845dba623117e3c351 - working
    0be8b88518254382871bce73bcd03f53f9fcf9ac - working
    a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6 - working
    036abe27109c788d2591f7581d74a0aaa03404ce - crash
    7834132fe08c4feb0720ed98d4cda721a9711063 - crash
    48c7387eb826982b20c63085195c2636ef8e845f - crash

EDIT: crashes are semi-random it seems. 08667 definitely crashes instantly after login, I am now testing 91abef6 because it doesn’t look like server detection was touched in that commit.

Any news for this?
I updated my MineOS Node today, and now I also experience crashes more or less straight after login into the WebUI.

MineOS is up and running, so my servers are available, but working without the WebUI is a bit cumbersome.

I did experience crasehes before updating as well, but that was an older build. That one didn’t like losing files, so whenever I archived logs to start a new log-file the WebUI crashed.

Can you provide /var/log/mineos.log?

It’s available here:

Any archive failed messages are likely due to me not changing over “:” to “-” in the place where the archive names are assembled in the mineos.js script after updating. Samba and windows shares do not accept “:” in filenames.

Right now I have downgraded to a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6 to get my WebUI stable. So the last set of startup events are from that.

I no longer have issues after b985310105734f18427b69c01753b9d7419f25b9 I’m taking a guess that its the updated async module. make sure you do this to update mineos:

As root:	
cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git merge origin/master

npm install

Particularly npm install updates dependencies. You might also be using an older version of nodejs.

Hrm, without knowing what commit you came from, it’s uncertain how to tell what change could have caused this issue for you. That said, most of your critical-seeming errors seem to revolve around this:

{"base_dir":"/var/games/minecraft","level":"error","message":"[FTBitest] Error with get_page_data { [Error: ENOENT, lstat '/var/games/minecraft/backup/FTBitest']\n errno: 34,\n code: 'ENOENT',\n path: '/var/games/minecraft/backup/FTBitest' }","timestamp":"2015-11-21T03:47:35.062Z"}

Do you have a /servers/FTBitest but not a /backup/FTBitest?

Yep, I did have a test server called that. It’s been of for forever, but all files was there. Deleted it entirely from all locations since it is no longer needed.

I’ll give it a try and see if that clear it for me. Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

Hi again.
Still crashing on the latest release, even after removing all files of the server you mentioned.

Upgrade from: a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6
to latest main.
Downgraded back to a603f0e2ea7bff1ab9da0ac1aa948e822f9c59b6

New log available here:

All your errors still seem to revolve around mcquery. Turn off all your servers’ enable-query=true to enable-query=false.

Do the issues persist?

Your suspision is confirmed, when I disabled query on all servers, the WebUI stabilized.
To experiment I activated on one server (a bukkit-server, which also is the only one needing it), and it stayed stable. When I activated query on a pocketmine (ImagicalMine) server, it crashed. I am not going to try speculating on wether it is ImagicalMine or MineOS who triggers the crash though, It is enough that I got things stable again :slight_smile:

So now I am stable, and has query active on the only server needing it. Thank you for your help in figuring this out.

I leverage an mcquery package in node that does the special kind of query that returns the extended server info. However, it appears that the pocketmine server you’re using isn’t supported by this package and causing an error. So it’s pertinent on both ends: mcquery doesn’t support whatever pocketmine is dishing out (or reversed, pocketmine doesn’t support the real mcquery) and MineOS didn’t handle the error properly.

I’ve never had a reproducible case of this, but I’ll see if I can add in some extra error handling if mcquery fails, as you experienced so it doesn’t crash the webui.

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