Web UI not working

I know this is a very tired issue, but I’ve read about 6 different threads and none of them seem to help.

I’m running mineos on an extra laptop I have laying around. It is running on turnkey jessie. not as a VM.

no matter what I try I cannot get the Web UI to work. I go to and chrom knows there is something there (it says it dangerous) but it will never load even after saying advance.

I’ve tried updating the WebUI. I can connect via ssh from my windows laptop and I can ping google.com via the server. I can’t ping the server from my laptop or the laptop from my server.

No idea what to do next.

if I do games/minecraft# netstat -tnl | grep 8443. I get bash: games/minecraft#: No such file or directory.

Im way too new to linux to figure this out and would really appreciate the help.

Just to clarify one little point (because even we may need things inn by the tea spoon at times):

After you press “Advanced” in Chrome, do you also press “Take me there” that shows up after you pressed “advanced”?

Fair question. Yes I do. All it does is reload the page. So I’m stuck in an endless loop of “advance” and “take me there anyways”. When I use IE, after advancing it just says it cant load the page.

games/minecraft# netstat -tnl | grep 8443

The cause for this error is that the actual command is:

netstat -ntl | grep 8443, but you’ve included the bash prompt that was copy/pasted from their terminal.

It’s a beginner mistake–and we are all beginners once–but this sort of mistake leads me to believe there might have been other errors during the installation of the webui, potentially not identified as errors.

This is an unexpected behavior, though, because it suggests the webui is actually running. It could still be a messed-up install, but this at least indicates that the service started, which is a pretty big indicator of things being “mostly-ok”.

But then that tells me otherwise.

Do this again, and verify if the server is running for us. When you return, feel free to copy the whole thing–both the command you typed and the output it produces–because every little bit helps us troubleshoot when we have no access whatsoever to your machine.

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Ok so that is what I get. I think I typed it all right.

So as far as the install goes I followed these instructions:

(although i think mine defaulted to 90% instead of 100% and some of the things were out of order.

and the only thing i updated besides the first initial auto security update is

https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Updating_the_Webui I followed the the sections called Convenience scripts and Updating scripts both. other wise this is a fresh install. This is the second times ive installed it becuase it had the same problem both times.

You typed:

games/minecraft# netstat -tnl | grep 8443

The correct command is:

netstat -tnl | grep 8443

Do NOT type in:

games/minecraft# netstat -tnl | grep 8443

Instead, type in:

netstat -tnl | grep 8443

Sorry I guess I didn’t quite understand what you meant. I thought you were focusing on the tnl vs ntl mistype.